Types of protective gloves and selection methods

Types of protective gloves and selection method
Protective gloves are personal protective equipment to prevent physical, chemical and biological external factors from hurting the operator’s fingers to the wrist. In the operation, the hand is the part of the body that is easily injured. Protective gloves play a vital role in the production process. Especially on the production line, wearing protective gloves reduces the accident rate during the production process.
When choosing protective gloves, we have to understand it. The use and precautions of general protective gloves are practical and must be understood. This is of great help to the selection and use of protective gloves.

1. There are many types of protective gloves, which should be selected according to their protective functions. The protection object should be clarified first, and then carefully selected. Such as acid and alkali resistant gloves, some are resistant to strong acids (alkali), some are resistant to low concentrations of acids (alkali), and resistant to organic solvents and chemical reagents. Therefore, it can not be used indiscriminately to avoid accidents.
2. The waterproof, acid and alkali resistant gloves should be checked carefully before use to observe whether the surface is damaged. The simple way to take is to blow air into the glove and pinch the sleeve with your hand to observe whether there is air leakage. If it leaks, it cannot be used.
3. Rubber gloves, plastic gloves and other protective gloves should be rinsed and dried after use. Avoid high temperature during storage, and sprinkle talcum powder on the products to prevent adhesion.
4. Insulating gloves should be regularly inspected for electrical insulation performance, and they cannot be used if they do not meet the requirements.
5. Contact with strong oxidizing acids such as nitric acid and chromic acid will cause brittleness, discoloration and early damage to protective gloves due to strong oxidation. High concentration of strong oxidizing acid can even cause burning, so pay attention to when choosing chemical protective gloves.
6. Latex gloves are only suitable for weak acid, low-concentration sulfuric acid and various salts. Do not contact with strong oxidizing acid (nitric acid, etc.).
Of course, the choice of protective gloves also needs to be based on the industry, cost and performance of the protective gloves.
Where can protective gloves be sold?
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