Under the heavy rain, choose a raincoat or a poncho?

Going out during the rainy season is a very disturbing thing. Even if you use an umbrella, your shoes and pants are wet. Sometimes when you are holding an umbrella in heavy wind and rain, your whole body is still wet. At this time, it is time to consider buying a suitable raincoat or poncho.

Which raincoat fabric is better?
Material 1: PE/PVC
Both are plastic raincoats, PE raincoats are much thinner than PVC raincoats, which is a common disposable plastic raincoat. PVC raincoats are slightly thicker and have a lower damage rate than PE raincoats, but repeated use is not recommended.
Material 2: Nylon+PVC coating
Nylon has higher abrasion resistance than all other fibers and is not easy to break.
Material 3: Polyester + PVC coating
Polyester has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, and has high strength and elastic recovery.
Material 4: Oxford cloth + PVC coating
Oxford cloth is light and thin, soft to the touch, good waterproof, and durable.
What is the difference between a raincoat and a poncho?
1. Different appearances.
Raincoats generally have sleeves, while a poncho is a product derived from the extension of a raincoat. It is an open cloak without sleeves.
2. The range of use is different.
The raincoat can be worn on foot, or used for riding electric bicycles, bicycles, etc. It is only suitable for one person to wear. The poncho is basically only used for riding motorcycles and electric vehicles, and there are single and double models.
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