Want to be safe? You need to use the helmet like this

After purchasing a pet, we must not only feed it, but also play with him to protect its health. To buy industrial products, we must not only choose regular products, but also frequent inspections and maintenance. After buying a product in the market, in addition to suiting you, it is important to learn to use it correctly.

Safety helmet is the most important product to maintain life safety. Will you use safety helmet correctly? We will introduce you the most comprehensive safe use method to protect your safety.
1. Before wearing, check whether the accessories of the helmet are damaged, whether the assembly is firm, whether the adjustment part of the cap lining is clamped, whether the socket is firm, whether the strap is fastened, etc., if there is a gap between the cap lining and the shell If the distance is not between 25-50mm, the top rope should be used to adjust to the specified range. Make sure that all parts are in good condition before use.
2. According to the size of the user’s head, adjust the length of the cap hoop to a suitable position (appropriate tightness). Safety helmets worn by high-altitude workers must have a chin strap and a back neck brace and should be fastened to prevent the hat from slipping off and taking off.
3. After the helmet is subject to a large impact during use, no matter whether there is obvious crack or deformation of the cap shell, you should stop using it and replace the damaged helmet. Gongpinhui reminds everyone that the service life of general helmets does not exceed two and a half years.
4. Safety helmets should not be stored in places subject to acid, alkali, high temperature (above 50¡æ), direct sunlight, humidity, etc., avoid heavy objects or sharp objects.
5. The cap shell and cap lining can be washed with cold water or warm water (below 50¡æ). Don’t put it on the radiator to bake to prevent deformation of the cap shell.
In ancient times, we emphasized “knowing people’s responsibilities”. When using safety protection products, Gongpinhui reminds everyone to “know people’s responsibilities”, choose your own helmet, and wear it in the correct way. The body is the capital of the revolution, and safety is the source of everything.

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