What are goggles? What types of goggles are there? What type of goggles should be used on what occasions?

What are goggles? What are the types of goggles? What type of goggles should be used for what occasions?
Goggles are actually a kind of filter, which can change the transmitted light intensity and spectrum. Avoid direct damage to eyes caused by radiation. This kind of glasses can absorb certain wavelengths of light and pass through to present a certain color. Among the colors presented, ¢Ùabsorption type and ¢Úreflective type;

goggles type:
goggles are divided into three There are the following types of goggles: ¡ý
¢Ù Hard glass sheet goggles; ¢ÚGlue-bonded glass goggles; ¢ÛSteel mesh goggles.

What type of goggles should be used in what occasions:
UV protection and strong light are recommended to use UV protection goggles and radiation protection masks. It is recommended to use an anti-radiation mask when welding. This mask is made of non-conductive materials; the color of the goggles is a mixed color, of which blue, green and gray are better.

Protective goggles against harmful liquids are mainly used to prevent damage to the eyes caused by liquids such as acids, alkalis, and other dangerous injections and chemicals.

The protective goggles made of lead glass with a certain amount of metal lead surface are added to the glass of the lens. Its function is to prevent X-ray damage to the eyes.

Protective goggles against dust, smoke and various irritating or slightly toxic and toxic gases must be sealed, covered, without ventilation holes, and suitable for tight face contact, and their frames must be acid-resistant and resistant Alkali.

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