What are the commonly used protective equipment

What are the commonly used protective equipment
Protective equipment is a defensive equipment necessary to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process, and different body parts are equipped with corresponding protective equipment, such as safety helmets, Goggles, gas masks, etc., then, what are the commonly used protective equipment? How should we buy protective equipment? Below, the editor will provide you with a comprehensive inventory of the necessary list of labor protection equipment to make your work safer!
1. Head protection equipment

Head protection equipment is generally worn by miners, construction workers and other types of work. Its main function is to reduce the impact on the head as much as possible and resist Objects falling from a height make it deviate to the outside, and a helmet is commonly used.
Purchase tips: When purchasing a helmet, you must choose a helmet that meets the national standards, has complete marks, and has passed the inspection. At the same time, check its recent inspection report. And to choose different varieties according to different protection purposes, such as: workers in live working places, should choose T4 type electrical insulation performance inspection of safety helmets.
2. Eye and ear protection products

We often see welding people use goggles, goggles or masks, mainly to protect our eyes and face from external damage; our ears are noise-proof The protective equipment is generally soundproof earplugs or soundproof earmuffs.
How to choose protective goggles: When purchasing goggles, you should pay attention to choosing goggles that meet the relevant national management regulations, complete signs, and pass inspections, and check their recent inspection reports, and choose different according to different protection purposes Varieties, such as: turner, sander, masonry should wear anti-impact goggles.
3. Respiratory protection products

Respiratory protection products mainly use dust filter boxes and canisters to filter out dust and toxic substances for normal breathing and prevent the human body from inhaling dust and toxic substances from the outside. Commonly used are dust masks and gas masks.
How to choose a gas mask: First, you must buy a gas mask with a product certificate, and secondly, it is recommended to use silica gel for the material, which is more comfortable. If the environment used has splashed liquid or poisonous gas that is irritating to the skin, it is recommended to use a full-faced device to be safer; if it is general poisonous gas protection and there is no liquid splashing, you can choose a half-face mask for a wide field of view.
4. Hand and foot protection products

In all kinds of industrial accidents, the proportion of hand injuries is the highest. In order to avoid hand injuries, it is necessary to choose targeted protective gloves; people who produce in the workshop generally wear Safety shoes, there are thick steel plates inside the shoes, which can protect our feet from being injured.
How to choose protective gloves: We should choose the gloves that suit us according to the size of our hands. At the same time, we should choose the gloves that suit us according to our working environment, such as: glass, sheet or metal processing, emergency rescue, fire fighting For rescue and other industries, cut-resistant gloves are recommended.
Tips for choosing safety shoes: Choose safety shoes with product certificates. Anti-static safety shoes are suitable for aviation and aerospace industries to avoid flammable and explosive accidents caused by static electricity.
5. Body protection products

Protective clothing is used to protect employees from physical and chemical factors in the labor environment. What we can often see is the protective clothing worn by firefighters when fighting a fire, which can protect our body from harm, and there are many other protective clothing with different functions.
How to choose protective clothing: Different types of protective clothing have different functions. Please pay attention when purchasing. For example, when working in a high or low temperature environment, use thermal insulation and chemical protection clothing; when working in a humid or immersed environment, use it Waterproof protective clothing; chemical protective clothing may be used in contact with chemical liquids; and in special environments, attention should be paid to flame-retardant, anti-static, and anti-radiation.
6. High-altitude protective equipment

The safety belt is a protective equipment that prevents the workers from falling or suspending the workers safely after falling, and is composed of belts, ropes and metal accessories, so many high-altitude Those who work will wear safety ropes or safety belts to work.
How to choose a seat belt: When purchasing a seat belt, first pay attention to buying a seat belt that has passed the quality inspection (CE or UIAA certification). Secondly, it is very important to choose a seat belt that suits you. If the seat belt is too tight, it will limit the user’s mobility; if the seat belt is too loose, it will slip. Safety belts and ropes must be made of nylon, vinylon and silk, which is safer.

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