What is a safety helmet? What are the components of a helmet? How to use safety helmet correctly?

What is a safety helmet? What are the components of a safety helmet? How to use a safety helmet correctly?
A safety helmet is a hat used to protect the top of the head. In order to prevent alluvial deposits from hurting the head, there are shells and caps. It is composed of lining, chin belt, sweat-absorbing belt, etc.

Next, Xiaohui will talk about the components of the helmet and how to wear the helmet correctly.

The components of the helmet:

Cap shell: used to prevent Alluvial deposits injure the head and separate the fallen objects from the human body.

Hat hoop: to keep the helmet in a certain position on the head.

Top strap: Disperse the impact force, keep the cap shell floating, and facilitate the dispersion of the impact force.

Rear hoop: the locking device of the headband.

chin strap: to help maintain the position and condition of the helmet.

Sweat absorption belt: The main function is to absorb sweat.

Cushion: When an impact occurs, reduce the impact force.

How to use the helmet correctly

1. Before wearing the helmet, adjust the rear adjustment strap of the cap to a suitable position according to the head shape, and then fasten the elastic band inside the cap.

2. It is strictly forbidden to wear the brim behind the head to prevent damage from alluvial deposits.

3. The chin strap of the helmet must be buckled under the jaw and fastened firmly, and the elasticity should be adjusted appropriately according to your needs.

4. Check regularly, and replace it immediately if it is found to be worn out.

5. Prohibit helmets with only the chin strap connected to the hood.

6. During the on-site operation, the construction personnel cannot take off the helmet or put it aside as a cushion.

7. The material of the helmet is not used, and it is strictly prohibited to expose to the sun for a long time.

8. When purchasing a safety helmet, check whether there is a product certificate, whether it is damaged, uneven thickness, and whether the buffer layer, adjustment strap and elastic strap are complete and effective. If it does not meet the specified requirements, it must be replaced immediately.

9. When using the safety helmet, keep it tidy, do not touch the fire source, and do not paint arbitrarily. No safety helmets are allowed to enter the construction site.

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