What is the difference between a lifebuoy and a swimming ring?

Half of this summer vacation has passed. I believe that many mothers have taken their children to the beach to play, and many still want to catch the tail of summer in this hot August and enjoy the happy time on the summer beach. However, Xiaohui is here to remind everyone that you must pay attention to safety when going to the beach to swim. Some basic swimming knowledge must be understood.

Whether it is swimming indoors or swimming at sea, for “land ducks”, a swimming ring is a must for happy water playing. But in the event of an accident, can the swimming ring guarantee our safety? In fact, there is an essential difference between a swimming ring and a lifebuoy, and the former can never replace the latter. Today, Xiaohui takes everyone to understand the difference between a swimming ring and a lifebuoy.
1. Different definitions and uses
The lifebuoy is defined as water rescue equipment for water rescue.
Swimming ring is defined as a water toy, used to assist learning to swim.

2. Different materials and implementation standards
The lifebuoy is usually made of polystyrene, wrapped with glass fiber cloth, coated with three layers of phenolic resin, then covered with canvas and painted with several layers of paint, and equipped with nylon Rope and reflective tape. The general quality is greater than 1.5KG, and its implementation standard is GB4302-2008 (click here to learn about GB4302-2008 lifebuoy).
Swimming rings are generally made of plastic and are shaped by inflatable filling methods. Its general quality is the “Safety Technical Requirements for Inflatable Water Toys” QB1557-1992.

3. Different weight standards
The weight of the lifebuoy should be greater than 2.5KG, and the lifebuoy equipped with a spontaneous smoke signal and a self-illuminating floating light with a rapid throwing device should be greater than 4KG.
The weight of the swimming ring as a water toy is less than 0.5KG.
There are too many differences that can be sorted out one by one. Xiaohuite has compiled the following comparison table for your reference:

In general, when the swimming ring encounters windy weather, It cannot be thrown as accurately as a lifebuoy. Due to its inflation, the swimming ring has poor compression resistance and is light in weight and cannot be thrown accurately. In addition to being inconvenient to carry and heavier, the lifebuoy is better than ordinary swimming buoys.
Finally, Xiaohui said again, try not to swim in unguarded rivers or beaches. Even if you swim in an indoor pool or a seaside resort, you must be equipped with all kinds of drowning prevention equipment. Do not greedy the cheap to buy Sanwu products for the swimming ring. Before entering the water, squeeze the swimming ring to check if there is any air leaks. Everything is safe.

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