What is the reason for the safety shoes to open glue? How to maintain safety shoes?

There are many reasons for the safety shoes to open the glue, among which the following are the main reasons for the safety shoes to open the glue
1. Without proper maintenance;
2. Can not be exposed to rain for a long time, and can not be soaked in water for a long time;
3 .Do not leave it in the sun for a long time or contact with the power source, because the glue for labor insurance shoes is easy to open when heated.
4. Do not contact with chemicals for a long time (except acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes);
5. Newly bought labor insurance shoes can not be used for too long.

How to maintain safety shoes
1. Do not wear the same pair of safety shoes for a long time, it is best to change the two pairs, which can reduce the number of short-term twists and turns of the same pair of labor protection shoes, and prevent the frequent twists and turns that may cause the glue to open .
2. Regularly maintain, clean and oil your safety shoes to keep the leather soft and moisturized.
3. Pay attention to the cleaning method, do not soak for a long time.
4. The cleaned safety shoes must not be dried quickly. Keep away from the fire source. Do not use heating or open flame to dry, which will easily cause the safety shoes to age and open the glue.
5. If you do not wear safety shoes for a long time, you can wash the safety shoes first and store them in a cool place to avoid mildew. And it is best to use fillers to prop up the shoes to avoid deformation.

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