What kind of gloves can be used to pull the steel bar, which is more wear-resistant?

From the perspective of safe production, the hand is the part with the highest human body injury rate, and labor protection gloves can be described as indispensable labor protection products in our daily operations. The subject’s request is to pull the steel bars. Here are some protective gloves from the aspects of material, comfort, wear resistance, and price.
1. Cotton gloves
Material: cotton
Comfort: 4
Abrasion resistance: 2

Cotton gloves are the basic models of the labor protection glove family, with high sweat absorption and air permeability Good, good elasticity, more comfortable to wear, and flexible to operate. The most important thing is that the price is close to the people, so the application range is also very wide. Everyone chooses cotton gloves for operations that require general hand protection. But it is not without its shortcomings. Because it is made of ordinary cotton thread, it gives up a certain degree of protection while taking care of breathability and comfort. It is far inferior to other brothers and sisters in the family in terms of wear resistance. Although it is easy to break, you can consider replacing it frequently to ensure the safety of your hands. After all, it’s cheap, the average price is less than a pair of bicycles~
2. Point plastic yarn gloves
Material: cotton yarn plastic/rubber
Comfort: 4
Abrasion resistance: 2.5

Dot plastic gloves refer to gloves made of a combination of glove fabric + dot plastic, which has the function of anti-slip. Point plastic gloves can effectively prevent static electricity and abrasion resistance is slightly stronger than pure cotton yarn gloves. Since the material is mainly cotton yarn, the air permeability and comfort are also better. The average price is about 1.5 yuan per pair, which can be regarded as the pro version of cotton gloves.
3. Nylon pu gloves
Material: 100% nylon PU resin coating
Comfort: 3.5
Wear resistance: 4

The pu coating can be used for anti-static, At the same time, it is resistant to abrasion and tearing. Due to the microporous structure, it generally has better elasticity, and the hand fits better. Nylon material feels slightly inferior to cotton yarn but has stronger anti-slip and friction resistance. It is a cost-effective choice.
4. Nylon latex gloves
Material: natural latex, nylon
Comfort: 3
Abrasion resistance:5

Natural latex has excellent abrasion resistance and can increase softness It helps the hand cushion, is more wear-resistant and labor-saving, and of course the service life is longer. Although the price is higher than the other models, in terms of service life and user experience, it is definitely much higher than the basic model~
If the work site is mainly a construction site, then the above 4 gloves should be enough for you to choose, others For example, nylon nitrile dipped gloves, half-leather full support gloves, heavy-duty nitrile gloves, etc., have a taste of slaughter knife~ I do not recommend it here.

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