What should I do if my glasses fog up after wearing a mask?

I believe that many friends who wear glasses are troubled by the problem of fogging after wearing masks this winter. Not only in winter, but also in rainy weather, skiing, mountain climbing and other scenes, lenses are prone to fogging. If the mist on the lens is wiped frequently, it is easy to damage the lens. Therefore, it is important to prevent fogging.
Anti-fog principle: Turn the small water droplets in the fog into a thin and uniform water film, so as to overcome the messy refraction and reflection of the light droplets in the fog, and the lens becomes transparent. Only by reducing and overcoming the surface tension of the water droplets can the water droplets form a water film.

The current good anti-fog lens has an anti-fog coating on the surface, which can overcome the surface tension of water droplets and greatly reduce the chance of fog generation, such as 3M 1711 anti-fog protective glasses. But how to prevent fogging of myopia glasses that I wear every day? Let’s take a look at some tips for anti-fogging glasses.
1. Professional anti-fogging agent
Anti-fogging agent has the functions of cleaning, decontamination, anti-frost, anti-fogging, etc., and it is not corrosive to skin and lenses, so it is convenient to use. The effect can last for 1-3 days. Usually can effectively prevent fog for 1-3 days.
2. Homemade anti-fog water
Mix 30ml glycerin and 10ml soap liquid, then add a few drops of turpentine, stir well and set aside. When it is used, just apply anti-fog water to the lens and wipe it with glasses cloth. The effect can last for 3-4 hours.
3. Egg white anti-fogging method
Take out the egg white of the egg and place it in the container, and use a cotton swab to evenly spread the egg white on both sides of the glasses. After the egg white is applied to the spectacle lens, it will dry quickly, the lens will become flowered, and there will be beige fuzzy marks on it. Please wipe it off carefully with a paper towel. The effect can last about 5 hours.
4. Soap defogging method
Soap contains oils and fats. Apply soapy water to the lens to prevent the lens from getting moisture. So just soak the soap head in warm water to make soapy water, then evenly spread the soapy water on the lens and dry it gently with glasses cloth. The effect can last about 10 hours.

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