Which brand of waterproof labor insurance shoes is good?

Which brand of waterproof labor protection shoes is good?
For people who work outdoors for a long time, a pair of good quality waterproof labor protection shoes is very important. Then, what brand of waterproof labor protection shoes on the market is the best? The following brand nets are for everyone I have sorted out which brand of waterproof labor protection shoes is good? The top ten waterproof labor protection shoes brands, let’s take a look!
Top ten waterproof labor protection shoes brands
1. GUBON Shield
4.Kitchen King
5.Fu Cheng
6.Old housekeeper
7.Back Force
10. Tai Ding Sheng
1. Gu Bang Shield

Vamp material: mesh
Recommended reason: comfortable to wear, suitable size, comfortable sole, easy to walk, this safety shoe feels very heavy, It’s very comfortable to try on on the foot! The shape is also fashionable, you should pay attention to adding a size when choosing the size, and the air permeability is also very good!
Second, Lu Jian

upper material: Anti-fur
Recommendation reason: It is very comfortable to wear, and it is very breathable, and it will not smell bad. The anti-slip effect is great. Wearing it on the construction site, the feet will not hurt too much. The workmanship is pretty good. It can protect the feet well, with a rigid head in the front, complete protection, non-slip sole, worth buying!

upper material: plastic
Recommended reason: non-slip, waterproof and oil-proof effect Very good, but it is not breathable, it is suitable for wearing in the kitchen. The texture is a bit hard, the anti-slip effect is good, it is comfortable to wear, it is really non-slip, practical, it is used to keep warm in cold weather, it is not breathable, and if your feet are prone to sweating, you should often take off and cool!
Four. ]
Shoe upper material: microfiber
Recommendation reason: The shoes are really easy to use, are slip-resistant, waterproof, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, comfortable to wear, the quality of the shoes is very good, the sole is soft, leather, comfortable and breathable , It fits your feet well, breathable, does not cover your feet, waterproof and oil-proof, the sole is non-slip and wear-resistant, mainly not slippery at all!
5. Fu Cheng

upper material: artificial leather
Recommended reason : Thick and durable, the toe of the shoe is a bit squeezed. It is quite thick. There is an iron plate inside, and the shoes are not too heavy. Compared with other similar shoes, they are much more refined, and they are more comfortable and light to wear! Not only the shoes look stylish, And it is very practical!

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