Which models of 3M masks are suitable for haze weather?

Which models of 3M masks are suitable for haze weather?
The commonly used 3M masks are divided into KR and KN series: KR series can filter oily particles, KN ??series mainly filter non-oily particles, not oily particles.
Filtration index: 95 series can filter 95% particles, 90 series can filter 90% particles.
To sum up, for example, the N95 mask refers to the KN series, and the filtration index is 95%. PS: Some mask models contain activated carbon (the color is generally gray). The purpose of activated carbon is to filter unpleasant odors.

In Beijing, it is better to choose the 95 series, after all, the filter index is a bit higher. (For children with insufficient silver, wearing the 90 series is better than not wearing it~)
Generally, haze contains both non-oily particles and oily particles (oily particles in car exhaust). As for the personal choice of KR or KN series (KR series will be more expensive), you can figure it out according to your needs and money~
List a few I often wear, for reference only:
8210, 9010, these two It is 95 series;
9005, 90 series.
8210: Can not be folded; thick (similar to ordinary cotton masks); there is a sponge on the nose, so the airtightness is better; the average is 4-6 yuan/piece.
9010, 9005: Foldable, easy to put in a bag or pocket; thinner than 8210 (similar to a hospital mask); there is no sponge in the nose, so the airtightness is not as good as 8210; average 1.5-4 yuan/piece .
PS: 1. I find that the price of masks is soaring as everyone’s attention increases.
2. Please pay attention to wearing the mask tightly (such as whether it is completely close to the face and whether the nose is tight)
I recommend the purchase address:
Workshop: cheap, reliable quality, fast delivery .
3M official flagship store on Taobao: reliable quality, the price is a little bit higher than that of Gongpin if there is no promotion, and express delivery is not as fast as Gongpin.
The following is a detailed classification of 3M masks. Interested children can take a look:
(1): N 95 series (less than ten times, unlimited time) 8210 dustproof, 8511 with valve, 8515 with welding valve, 8512 ribbon valve, 8514 ribbon valve, 1860 medical carbon
(2): N100 series (non-oil as above, use below ten times the standard, toxic aluminum, cadmium, arsenic and radioactive particles, pharmaceutical industry, etc., 99.7 Above filtration efficiency,) 8233 with valve.
(3): R 95 series (less than ten times, 8 hours in an oily environment, non-oily until breathing is blocked,) 8247 organic vapor odor and particles contain carbon, 8246 acid gas and particles contain carbon.
(4): P 95 series (less than ten times, 40 hours in oily, non-oily until blocked,) 8577 organic vapor odor and particles with valve contain carbon, 8576 acid gas and particles with valve contain carbon.
(5): 9000 series 9001A/9002A standard, 9003A/9004A medium and small, 9021/9022 durable, 9041A/9042A organic vapor odor particles contain carbon.
(6): FFP1 series particle protection (European standard, 0.3 micron particle size 95L/min environmental test, more than 80% filtration, used for mining, casting, polishing, textile and agriculture, etc.) 8200C.
(7): FFP2 series particle protection (European standard, filtration efficiency above 94%, used for extremely fine industrial dust, suitable for damp heat and long-term wear) 8822 with valve, 9320 foldable.
(8): FFP3 series high-toxicity protection (European standard, more than 99% filtration, used for high-toxicity, radioactive particles, welding metal fumes, etc., suitable for damp heat and long-term wear) 9332 with valve.

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