Which type of protective shoes do you wear the most satisfactory?

According to the three different standards of industrial demand, sole and function, labor protection shoes can be divided into insulating safety shoes, oil-resistant safety shoes, toe-protection and anti-smashing shoes. Labor insurance shoes need to test the toe cap’s impact resistance, puncture resistance, anti-static, heat insulation and other properties. The use of safety shoes should not exceed 6 months, and attention should be paid to cleaning and maintenance. Let’s take a look at a few affordable and durable labor insurance shoes with the editor.

1. Honeywell Bacou safety shoes
Recommended reason: Honeywell’s safety shoes are made of high-quality cowhide, which can effectively wick away perspiration and bid farewell to unpleasant odors. Head and steel pad design, anti-smashing and anti-puncture, electrical insulation PU outsole, effective insulation of the sole of 6kv, away from the risk of electric shock, suitable for wearing in a variety of working environments.
2. Delta steel toe cap safety shoes
Recommended reason: Delta’s safety shoes use elastic shoe openings, which are easy to put on and take off freely. They have built-in steel toe and steel midsole to resist pressure. , Reduce the chance of injury, PU outsole, good slip resistance, suitable for oily environment, full mesh fly-woven knitted fabric, refreshing and breathable, suitable for construction, gardens, light industry and other operating environments.
3. JSP summer breathable, lightweight, smash-resistant and puncture-resistant labor insurance shoes.
Recommended reason: JSP’s labor insurance shoes use flying woven uppers, breathable and not sultry, with European standard steel toe and Kevlar Outsole design, light puncture, lightweight foaming MD bottom, good elasticity, multi-layer cushioning, moisture wicking and breathable cotton, no peculiar smell, especially suitable as protective safety shoes for workers, and a variety of styles are available.
4. Huaxin leather Jibao safety shoes
Recommendation reason: This safety shoe of Huaxin uses imported high-quality leather on the upper, which has good toughness, anti-liquid splash, and a widened anti-rust steel head design to reduce cover Foot feel, dual-density PU non-slip outsole, strong grip, comfortable and wear-resistant, suitable for machine repair, cleaning and other oily environments.
5. Bardun 6KV insulated work safety shoes
Recommended reason: Bardun’s safety shoes are designed with a non-rusting steel toe cap and Kevlar midsole, which are anti-smashing and anti-puncture, light and comfortable, with large insulation. The bottom is resistant to 6kv voltage, safety protection, suitable for construction sites, thermal processing, daily wear and other scenes, and there are many styles to choose from.

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