Work thousands of people, protect the first…

Tool recommendation|Ten thousand jobs, the first protection…
The construction workers in the great dynasty
Still plagued by noise, dust, and poisonous gas
Developed countries are deeply rooted in
]Construction safety protection and occupational health standards
have set a good example for us!

Workers are fully armed for construction
In contrast, most companies in China
have low occupational safety awareness and safety accidents
Of course, there is another batch of enterprises in China
On the road of occupational safety, they have never stopped exploring
In the scene tool configuration project of the purchase backstage of Gongpinhui Mall
Editor I saw the labor protection equipment deployed by a real estate company
foot protection, fall protection
head protection, respiratory protection…
Nothing is missing!
No effort, no effort[ br]Gongpinhui professionally considers the all-round labor protection and labor protection needs of the master workers

established a complete labor protection and labor protection product system for the enterprise
labor protection and labor protection part of the product
in today’s product recommendation
Miaomiao lists two products with the highest appearance rate
3M anti-particulate masks and star goggles
3M-9002V folding valved anti-particulate masks
3M is the world’s most powerful voice Occupational safety protection experts, their respiratory protection products are the most distinctive, and the mask design and protective materials change according to the use scene. The 3M-9002V foldable anti-particulate mask with valve isolates construction dust and decoration harmful substances, comfortable sponge, adjustable nose clip, in the invisible work “battlefield” of construction workers, give them the most intimate protection!

3M-9002V Foldable anti-particulate mask with valve
Star goggles
Dust and toxic gas in the construction environment will not only harm the workers’ respiratory system, but also their eyes. Shida dust-proof, anti-fog goggles, the lens is made of PC material, dustproof, impact-proof, scratch-proof; the frame is made of flexible PVC (polyethylene) material, which fits the face closely. Dear workers, the eyes are the windows of the soul, please protect them!
Shida goggles

Practice the concept of occupational safety protection, the work product exchange thinks a little more for you
Everyone is responsible!
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