Practical innovation injects new energy into the development of group standards

On September 17, 2019, the fifth activity of the Zhejiang provincial labor protection articles industry expert group and the pre research meeting of the group standard of “labor protection articles business service specification” was successfully held in Taizhou city. This is another important meeting since the establishment of the Zhejiang provincial labor protection articles industry expert group, and it is also the Zhejiang Provincial Labor Protection Articles 1ndustry Association’s active practice of social responsibility, Lead the members of the association not to forget the original intention of serving workers’ health, promote the development of the industry to a new level by building industry model enterprises, and inject new momentum into the development of group standards< With the theme of "strengthening safety awareness, implementing corporate responsibility and providing better protection for workers' safety and health", the meeting focused on the requirements jointly issued by the general office of the state market supervision and administration, the general office of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the emergency management department in July to further strengthen the supervision of special labor protection articles, Experts attending the meeting expressed their views from different perspectives on the contents of the notice on ensuring the personal safety of workers and the production safety of enterprises the meeting made a preliminary discussion on the application for the establishment of the group standard of “operation and service specification for labor protection articles” proposed by shidashi industrial purchasing (Quzhou) Co., Ltd. special labor protection articles are an important defense line to maintain public safety and production safety, and an important guarantee to protect workers’ life safety and occupational health, The formulation of the operation and service specification of labor protection articles will help to guide and promote the standardized operation of the operation units of labor protection articles, improve the comprehensive ability to serve the end users, prevent the products that do not meet the national and industrial standards from entering the market, and effectively protect the safety and health of workers in his concluding speech, Lin Jinxiang, President of Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association and chairman of Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., pointed out that 2019 is a year of market remodeling. The cancellation of QS has pointed out the direction for a more standardized market, and the industry association will assume more and more important regulatory responsibilities. 1 hope Zhejiang Association will check with the old generation, Under the background of the new era of young people, jointly promote the greater development of labor protection products industry

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