Pre job occupational safety knowledge training should not be less

An enterprise recruited a group of new employees, after a simple job operation training, they arranged to work on the real machine. As a result, two new employees were scalded by the high temperature hot gas from the equipment on the same day

after investigation, the labor and social security department found that the scald accident happened because these new employees only knew simple equipment operation knowledge, but knew nothing about the possible occupational hazards caused by the equipment. When the investigators asked several employees of the enterprise whether they had received pre job occupational safety and health knowledge training since 2009, they got the same answer: the enterprise had never received pre job occupational safety and health knowledge training

coincidentally, not long ago, according to the survey data of the national labor and social security department, March and September are the peak periods for migrant workers and college graduates to find jobs, as well as the peak periods for occupational injuries. The main reason is that many enterprises only carry out simple operation knowledge training for employees in pre job training, and do not carry out occupational safety and health knowledge training or do not inform them of the possible occupational hazards, so that they know nothing about the potential occupational hazards at work, resulting in various types of occupational injury accidents. Safety production is one of the most important jobs in an enterprise. The knowledge of safety and health and the practical operation experience of safety production are the most needed knowledge for production personnel. 1f enterprises can set up pre job safety and health knowledge training and let employees receive formal and systematic safety training and education before taking up their posts, they can not only establish safety production awareness earlier, but also learn systematic basic theoretical knowledge of safety and health and master necessary safety skills

“Twelfth Five Year Plan” period, with the rapid development of China’s economy, all walks of life need more skilled talents. 1n order to effectively control and reduce the occurrence of occupational injury accidents, including occupational diseases, enterprises should start from now on, establish the pre job occupational safety and health knowledge training system for employees, and list the occupational safety and health knowledge as a compulsory course for employees. The contents should include national laws and regulations on safe production, safety theory knowledge, case education of safety production accidents, occupational hazards of posts, occupational health education, occupational health education, etc Job forewarning, etc. The training methods can be diversified, such as professional teachers teaching theoretical knowledge, front-line safety management personnel teaching practical experience, and the person responsible for the safety accident can present his own experience. Furthermore, enterprises can also consider cooperating with some vocational and technical colleges to set up special safety majors to train more qualified employees for enterprises

the author believes that pre job safety and health knowledge training in enterprises is to let employees tighten the safety string in their mind when they come into contact with new posts, which is equivalent to moving forward the safety production gate, which can effectively maintain the physical and mental health of employees and promote the long-term stability of enterprise safety production

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