Precautions and maintenance of spreader

(1) 1n the process of using the spreader, if the rotary lock is not flexible or in place, check and adjust the adjusting nut, and then check other parts

(2) the paint on the indicator board of spreader should be prevented from falling off

(3) it should be cleaned and coated with lubricating oil or grease, especially at the bending of wire rope

(4) for the main stressed components, lifting rings, rotary locks, ear plates and shackles of rigging, they should be inspected at least once every three months under normal use, without cracks and serious deformation

(5) all oil cups, including ratchet mechanism oil cup, oil cup on sliding bearing seat and oil cup of rotary lock box, should be filled with lubricating oil at the main movable joints according to the use situation

(6) frequently check whether the rope clip is loose and whether the buffer spring is over stretched

(7) each lifting appliance shall not exceed the rated lifting capacity, and the buffer spring shall not be over stretched

(8) avoid collision and deformation during lifting

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