Precautions for construction safety net working at height

Building safety net is used in all kinds of construction sites, especially in high-rise buildings, which can be completely closed. 1t can effectively prevent the falling injury of people and objects, prevent the fire caused by welding sparks, reduce the noise and dust pollution, and achieve the effect of civilized construction, environmental protection and beautification of the city

1. The safety net must be hung below the high place. When the height of the building exceeds 4 m, a safety net must be set up gradually with the wall, and then a fixed safety net must be set up every 4 M; The safety net must be set at the outer frame, bridge frame, upper and lower hole. The erection of safety net should be low inside and high outside, and the difference of expenditure is generally about 5 OCM; There is no fracture or bending of the supporting rod; The gap between the inner edge of the net and the wall should be less than 15cm; The distance between the lowest point of the net and the surface of the object below should be more than 3m. The diameter of the small end of the wooden pole shall not be less than 7cm, the diameter of the small end of the bamboo pole shall not be less than 8cm, and the spacing of the supporting poles shall not be more than 4m2. Check the safety net for corrosion and damage before use. During the construction, the safety net shall be complete and effective, the support shall be reasonable, the stress shall be uniform, and there shall be no debris in the net. The lap joint shall be tight and firm, and there shall be no gap. The safety net erected shall not be removed or damaged during the construction period, and can only be removed when there is no work at height. 1n case of temporary removal of the erected safety net due to construction needs, the construction unit must inform and seek the approval of the erection unit before removal. After the completion of construction, it must be restored by the construction unit according to the requirements, and it can be used only after it is checked and qualified by the erection unit

3. The sundries in the net should be cleaned frequently, and effective measures should be taken to prevent welding sparks from falling on the net when welding operation is carried out above the net. There should be no serious acid-base smoke around the net for a long time

4. The safety net must be checked frequently when it is used, and the use records must be kept. The safety net that does not meet the requirements should be dealt with in time. When the safety net is not in use, it must be properly stored to prevent damp and mildew. Before using the new network, you must check the name plate of the product: first of all, you must see whether it is a flat network or a vertical network. The vertical network and the horizontal network must be strictly separated, and the vertical network is never allowed to be used as a flat network; When erecting the vertical net, the tether at the bottom must be tied firmly.; Production license of the manufacturer; The factory certificate of the product, if the old net should be tested before use, and there is a test report, the old net can be used only after passing the test

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