precautions for operation of safety belt and helmet

1. The safety belt must pass the inspection of the inspection unit every six months before it can be used2. When working in the following conditions, safety belt should be worn: (1) when entering the workplace, safety belt must be worn when working at height(2) When working at height of more than two meters(3) When working on sloping roofs(4) When working on the scaffold without scaffold or bar and the height exceeds 1.5m(5) When there is no fence within 1.2 meters from the edge of the roof or the roof opening in the flat roof(6) On the ladder near the opening on the roof or ground(7) When there is no reliable fall prevention measures for the working platform at height. 3. How to use the safety belt correctly: (1) it is forbidden to hang the safety belt on the component which is not firm or has sharp angle(2) When the safety belt is used for hanging operation, the hook should not be directly hooked on the safety belt rope, but should be hooked on the hanging ring of the safety belt rope(3) 1t is strictly forbidden to use safety belt to transfer heavy objects(4) The same type of safety belt shall be used, and all parts shall not be replaced without authorization(5) To tighten the waistband, the waist buckle assembly must be fastened(6) The safety belt should be hung at a firm and reliable place above, and the height should not be lower than the waist

features: high impact resistant HDPE, anti impact, bright color, comfortable to wear, four point support plastic cap lining / cloth lining,

when the head of the operator is impacted by falling objects, the impact force is decomposed to the whole area of the skull by using the helmet shell and the cap lining in an instant, and then the elastic deformation of the structure is buffered by the various parts of the helmet Plastic deformation and allowable structural damage absorb most of the impact force, and reduce the impact force on the head to less than 4900n, so as to protect the head of operators

precautions for use of safety helmet:

1. Before use, check the appearance of safety helmet for cracks, bumps, bumps, abrasions, integrity of cap liner, normal structure of cap liner, and discard the safety helmet in time if there are obvious defects affecting its performance, so as not to affect the protective effect

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