Precautions for preparation of medicine in family medicine box

(1) Weishuping, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium trisilicate, multienzyme tablets, belladonna tablets, anluoxue tablets, phenytoin sodium tablets, yeast tablets, aspirin, ferrous sulfate, etc. are easy to deteriorate due to dampness and should be placed in a dry place

(2) it is better to use brown bottles of drugs, and the label should indicate the drug name, dosage, usage, dosage and effective date. Generally, no paper bags or cartons are used to store the drugs. The drugs taken from the hospital are in bulk. After recovery, the remaining drugs should be stored in clean small bottles in time, otherwise they are easy to deteriorate

(3) alcohol, iodine, peppermint, essential balm, cooling oil, safflower oil, musk rheumatism oil and other volatile drugs should be stored in a cool and low temperature place below 30 ℃ in addition to being sealed

(4) the aerosol has a certain pressure and is easy to explode when it is heated and impacted. Therefore, it should be stored in a cool place, avoid heat and direct sunlight, and pay attention to avoid extrusion and impact when carrying out< (5) glycerin suppository, Anacin suppository, hemorrhoid suppository, chlorhexidine suppository and infantile antipyretic suppository should be stored at a low temperature of 2-15 ℃, otherwise they are easy to deform and affect the use (6) frequently check whether the drugs are damaged, deteriorated, expired, and should be abandoned once found< (7) the medicines for adults and children should be kept separately, especially for the three generations of a family; The internal medicine and external medicine should be kept separately. Now many families keep pets, and veterinary drugs should be kept separately. We should also pay close attention to insecticides. 1n a word, it should be classified and saved, so as to avoid mistakes in busy work and danger of misuse (8) in order to ensure the safety, effectiveness and economy of family medication, it is not recommended to store a large number of drugs, and the variety and quantity should be refined rather than large China labor insurance net

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