precautions for use of anti static denim

Denim used for anti-static work clothes is a new product developed according to the new national standard gb12014-2009 and the clothing standard of PetroChina refining and chemical enterprises. As the production process and the weaving method of conductive yarn are completely different from the traditional tooling fabric, the precautions for the use of the fabric are as follows:

1. batch number Description: as the denim is made of dyed yarn. The cloth woven by dyeing and arranging yarn is a batch number each time. Due to the color difference in different batches, the cutting fabric should be used according to the batch number. Because the clothing can not be moved, it is necessary to ensure that each set of clothes can be cut on one piece

Second, do the water washing shrinkage first: because the enzyme washing is different from the normal fabric shrinkage after the jeans anti-static work clothes are made into clothes, the samples should be made for the same kind of water washing before the formal production, and the washed cloth should be compared with the non washed one. Determine the reserved size to avoid the deviation of finished clothing size. 1n the process of sewing, if the fabric with more defects is found, it can be replaced. 1n the process of sewing, it is necessary to grasp the degree. Because the jeans are sewed with curl, if the curl is too wide, the garment will become smaller after washing. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the size when sewing< Thirdly, the weaving method of conductive wire is different from the traditional method: due to the detection of "point-to-point resistance" index in the national standard gb12014-2009, the conductive wire can not be detected in the front of the cloth by the traditional back-up conductive wire weaving method, because the conductive wire is directly wrapped in the yarn and woven in the cloth with a spacing of 0.8cm, which is not easy to see before washing, After enzyme washing, it will appear on denim anti-static overalls. Before washing, do not knot or keyhole the clothes, and connect the two sleeves together, so as to prevent them from falling off and wearing in the process of washing in the production of jeans anti-static clothing, we should pay attention to the above points to ensure that the special protective clothing not only meets the standard of gb12014-2009, but also reflects the unique fabric charm of jeans

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