Precautions for use of antistatic products

Many people make some mistakes when using anti-static products: they always treat anti-static products as ordinary products, and do not distinguish the difference between the two products

anti static products are different from ordinary products, and their failure can not be detected by naked eyes. Many companies think that anti-static products can be used continuously without deformation and cracking, 1n fact, it’s wrong. For example, the anti-static wrist strap can only be used for a few months. When it is used for a period of time, the appearance can not be damaged, but it is often found that the wrist strap is broken during the test. Many companies wear anti-static clothing, but they will never carry out dust-free cleaning, which is very risky. Anti static clothing is different from ordinary clothes. 1t needs to be cleaned every 3-5 days to ensure the real anti-static effect of anti-static clothing. 1n addition, you can’t wear anti-static clothes casually. The zipper should be pulled up completely, and your own clothes should be wrapped in the anti-static clothes. Some workers roll their sleeves when operating, which can make the body static damage the products. 1n some companies, it is definitely not allowed for workers to wear anti-static shoes out of the production workshop

anti static shoes are an important part of the anti-static system. 1f the soles are stained with dust, it is very simple to rub and generate static electricity, which can not make the anti-static shoes have the effect of anti-static, but will bring potential safety hazards to the products. There is no real electrostatic grounding, anti-static products exist in name only. For example, in the production line, workers need to wear anti-static wrist strap. 1f the wrist strap does not fit tightly with the wrist, or is not grounded properly, then static electricity will not be introduced into the earth through the wrist strap. Don’t take anti-static products as normal products. We should strictly follow the correct use of products and the correct operation process to make anti-static products escort your products

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