Precautions for use of chemical protective clothing

At present, the chemical protective clothing worn by firefighters is the most widely used in chemical protective clothing. Because the main adhesive tape of the chemical protective clothing is made of nylon silk fabric which has been treated by flame retardant and tackifying, it will not melt when encountering fire, but only produce carbonization; The main purpose is to be able to resist some chemicals or dangerous substances on the body damage. 1n general, firefighters will wear this product when large-scale trains are carrying out fire fighting and financial rescue. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the maintenance and precautions of firefighters’ protective clothing in detail

maintenance of chemical protective clothing:

chemical protective clothing, as a kind of special work equipment, must pay attention to maintenance. The most important thing about the maintenance of chemical protective clothing is not to directly connect the chemical protective clothing with flame or melt. Before use, be sure to check whether the clothing is damaged. 1f it is damaged, it must not be used. When using chemical protective clothing, the interfaces of chemical protective clothing must be fastened, the hood and mask must be tight, and the belt must be tight. After each use, wash the anti chemical clothing with soapy water or 0.5-1% sodium carbonate solution according to the dirt condition, then wash it with clean water, put it in a cool and ventilated place, and pack it after it is dry

notice 1 of fire chemical protective clothing:

as for folding chemical protective clothing, we should also pay attention to many matters, such as laying the hood opening upward on the ground. Fold back the hood, neck strap and sleeves, fold the garment vertically, overlap the left and right, put the gloves in the middle with the tips of the two boots facing out, roll up the soles of the boots, and put them into the packaging bag of chemical protective clothing horizontally

Notice 2 of fire chemical protective clothing:

special attention is that the fire chemical protective clothing must not be heated or exposed to sunlight, and should be kept away from chemical substances and various oils. 1ts shelf life is five years. Air tightness inspection shall be conducted once a year

only when you use the chemical protective clothing correctly and pay attention to the usual maintenance, can you ensure the integrity of the chemical protective clothing, which is also a guarantee for your personal safety

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