precautions for use of compound eyewash

This paper analyzes the matters needing attention in the use of the compound eye washer. The compound eye washer is an effective safety protection article that can quickly reduce the harm to the minimum when toxic and harmful substances (such as chemical liquid, etc.) splash on the body, face, eyes of the staff or when the fire causes the staff’s clothes to catch fire. However, eyewash products are only used in emergency situations to temporarily alleviate the further harm of harmful substances to the body. Further treatment and treatment need to follow the guidance of doctors. 1. 1n places where only eye wash is needed, wall mounted eye wash or vertical eye wash can be used. The compound eye washer can only be used for cleaning eyes, face and hands. The wall mounted eyewash can be installed on the wall inside or outside the workshop. The installation height of the eyewash nozzle is the same as that of the vertical eyewash, and the height range is 1.00m to 1.10M. When it is not convenient to install on the wall, the electric heat tracing eye washer can be used

?2. The compound eyewash is convenient to move the eyewash to the required position. But the use conditions are very harsh, the site needs to be relatively spacious, and the ground is relatively flat. At the same time, the cost of maintenance is relatively high

? 3. 1f there is no fixed water source and the working place needs to be changed frequently, the compound eye washer can be used. At the same time, the cost of maintenance is relatively high< 4. When users need to wear chemical protective clothing to enter the site for work or rescue, they need to use the compound eye washer for spraying and eye washing. Because after the user is working or entering the rescue site, there may be a lot of chemical substances splashed on his chemical protective clothing. 1t is very dangerous for other personnel to come into contact with the user's chemical protective clothing. Therefore, it is necessary to require the user to wear chemical protective clothing and use the spray system of the compound eye washer for a large amount of cleaning before they can contact him. When firefighters or other on-site personnel are fighting a fire, their clothes will be ignited at any time. They can use the spray system of the compound eye washer to extinguish the fire ? 5. The compound eyewash can be moved to any position without any restrictions. 1t is suitable for working site without water source for 30 minutes. The products include stainless steel portable pressure eye washer and plastic portable pressure eye washer the company points out that the chemical plant with chemicals that can burn the human body (commonly known as corrosion), stimulate and penetrate the human skin (including mucous membrane and eyes), and easily be absorbed by the skin tissue and damage the internal organs and tissues (commonly known as toxic), should be equipped with emergency spray eye washer (commonly known as safety spray eye washer). The distance between the setting position of the safety spray eye washer and the possible accident point is related to the toxicity, corrosiveness and temperature of the chemicals used or produced. Usually, the setting point is proposed by the process and should be

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