Precautions in using antistatic safety shoes

Anti static safety shoes are widely used in places where there are electrostatic hazards, such as burning, explosion and so on, due to static electricity in human body (such as the workplaces of oil, coal mine, printing, rubber, medical, chemical, purification and electronic production enterprises)

with the development of society, people’s safety awareness is constantly improving, and the global demand for safety shoes is also rising. As a result, the application of anti-static safety shoes in the global market is also in a high-speed rising state. 1t also promotes the development of anti-static safety shoes, but also in order to better promote the development of anti-static safety shoes, we also find some attention points of anti-static safety shoes, so that people can use anti-static safety shoes reasonably and safely. The specific points for attention are as follows:

1. Both anti-static safety shoes and conductive shoes can eliminate the accumulation of static electricity, and can be used in flammable and explosive workplaces. But the two differences are that antistatic shoes can also prevent electric shock of power supply equipment below 250V, while conductive shoes can not be used in places with electric shock risk

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