Pregnant mothers wear gas masks to prevent dust inhalation

During pregnancy, many expectant mothers have very strict requirements for their living environment. Of course, they are also for the sake of their own and their baby’s health. 1f they have to decorate their new house during this period, they must pay attention to preventive measures, especially for all kinds of harmful dust, or polishing of all kinds of paint. 1t’s best not to touch these jobs, 1f you have to wear a gas mask as a last resort, in addition, the expectant mother must keep the ventilation of the whole room, open the windows as much as possible, breathe more fresh air outside, and it’s better not to inhale the smell of paint, which is harmful to human health, so you can’t touch too much

if you have to deal with these chemicals due to work reasons, please take the following preventive measures: shorten the time spent on the project as much as possible. Open the window, keep ventilation, so as not to inhale the smell of paint, be sure to wear a mask or gas mask to isolate harmful dust. Wear gloves, trousers and long sleeve shirt to protect your skin. Don’t eat or drink in the workplace to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals. 1f you’ve ever been exposed to paint chemicals, but don’t feel uncomfortable, don’t worry too much. Your baby is less likely to be hurt

detergent and bleaching powder can be used safely, but be sure to ensure the surrounding air circulation. When working, please wear gloves to avoid the detergent contacting your skin. Avoid direct contact with products with strong smell or serious warning labels, such as some stove cleaner, toilet Tile Cleaner, etc

if you have a large oven at home, you’d better not use detergent to clean it. Because of the narrow space in the oven, it is difficult to ensure good ventilation. 1f there’s any smell that makes you sick, it’s better to ask someone else to do it. 1n fact, a better way is to use more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as vinegar and baking soda. 1n a larger supermarket, you can buy non irritating, non-toxic chemicals or low toxic washing products

no matter whether you are pregnant or not, do not mix different chemicals, such as ammonia and bleach, because they will produce harmful smoke after mixing. Once inhaled, it is very dangerous for anyone

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