Press conference and awarding ceremony of the first batch of enterprise credit rating evaluation results of China Textile Business Association

On May 15, 2008, China Textile Business Association released the first batch of enterprise credit rating evaluation results in Shanghai Everbright 1nternational Convention and Exhibition Center. Yang Shude, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, former deputy director of the State Administration for 1ndustry and Commerce and honorary president of the association, Li Jianhua, President of the China Textile Business Association, and other leaders attended the conference and issued credit rating certificates to the participating enterprises. The press conference was presided over by Peng Guifu, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Textile Business Association. China textile business association is one of the first batch of pilot units of industry credit rating evaluation approved by the national “regulation office” and “SASAC” of the State Council. As one of the first batch of pilot units, safety and health protection products started evaluation in July 2007, and will gradually involve other industries such as textile and clothing. The evaluation was co sponsored by Beijing United Credit Management Co., Ltd. as a third party. The credit rating evaluation process of the first batch of enterprises consists of five parts: policy propaganda, establishment of information database, starting rating work, holding expert review meeting and publicity. The leadership level, financial status, social reputation and development goals of the candidate enterprises were strictly investigated. The enterprises selected according to the principles of independence, objectivity and impartiality will be released to the public through expert evaluation. Among them, there are three AA + grade enterprises: Shenzhen pengliang labor protection products trading Co., Ltd., Wuxi Huaxin safety equipment Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Honglian rubber products Co., Ltd; There is one AA grade enterprise: Zhejiang Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd; There are 6 AA grade enterprises: Taicang Feihong plastic steel products Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Jianbu Shoes Co., Ltd., Shanghai Haitang helmet factory, Shanghai Gangkai purification products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Taizhou Dongya gloves Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Yangzhong molded shoes factory; A class enterprises include Xi’an labor protection products Co., Ltd., Jiaxing helite safety equipment Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Gaojian labor protection products Co., Ltd. a total of 13 enterprises were selected. After the awarding ceremony, the leaders of the association and the person in charge of the selected enterprises spoke on the stage and were interviewed and asked questions by the news media. Since then, the China labor protection products industry summit forum has been a platform for domestic labor protection industry colleagues to exchange their experience. At the forum, responsible persons of Yangzhou Jianbu, Wuhan labor protection products company, Shanghai Haitang and other companies spoke on the stage successively, talking about their experience, the development of enterprises, the current situation and prospects of domestic labor protection industry, etc. This paper makes a deep analysis of the problems existing in the industry, such as the weak protection consciousness of workers, the serious polarization of labor insurance market, and so on, so that we can see many factors of the development of labor insurance industry more deeply. However, we also have reason to believe that with the national government’s attention to our industry, the prospect of labor insurance market is still bright. Through the good faith enterprises to set an example for us, establish the credit image of the industry, and gradually improve the protection awareness of workers, China’s personal protection industry will become better and better, and go further and further. China labor insurance net

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