prevention and control of avian influenza in Yunnan Province has improved significantly. Please wear masks and gloves when raising poultry

Li Malin, director of the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, led the team to visit the golden hotline on Februar2, saying that our province has organized environmental testing and five risk assessments of avian influenza in the whole province, and no h7n9 virus has been found in environmental samples of our province

“don’t panic about this. The government has taken timely and effective measures.” Li Malin said that recently, the situation of prevention and control of avian influenza in China has improved significantly. From February 6 to February 12, 69 patients were diagnosed in the whole country. 1n the last 10 days, 35 cases were reported. 1n the past, there were almost 10 cases a day, but now there are only 3 cases a day

a netizen asked: many live poultry slaughtering markets have been closed in Kunming. How do people deal with their own poultry

Li Malin A: it’s best to raise them according to the conventional method, and wear masks and gloves with certain protective measures. 1f you come into contact with the faeces or chicken feathers of live poultry, wash your hands clean. Once the poultry died, report to the local animal husbandry department in time, and they will help to deal with it; 1f you have a fever or cold in the process of raising live birds, it is recommended to wear a mask to the fever clinic of the hospital

a Mr. Xiao asked: how to sign a contract to have a family doctor

Li Malin A: you can register at the nearest community health service center or community service station

Li Malin said that last year, six pilot projects were launched in Kunming, Yuxi, Dali, Honghe, Pu’er and Qujing. This year, they will be extended to all prefectures and cities in the province, with 30% of family doctors signing contracts and 60% of key groups(Song Jinyan, all media reporter of cloud daily)

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