prevention and treatment of occupational diseases

Guo Tangyin, Secretary of the Party group and director of the provincial administration of work safety, stressed at the provincial work safety conference many times: “occupational health is related to the dignity of workers, the vital interests of tens of millions of workers, the realization of the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and it is the conscientious work that the majority of work safety supervisors must do well to achieve results!” At present, the situation of occupational disease prevention and control in our province is severe, and the occupational health supervision has a long way to go. What are the difficulties? Where is the way out? All media reporters of Hubei Daily made in-depth interviews for this

dilemma: occupational hazards, old diseases and new ones. Breakthrough: multi pronged, pay close attention to special governance of key industries

a group of data makes people restless

as an important industrial base in China, our province involves a wide range of industries, including both traditional industries and emerging industries, involving more than 30 fields, including mining, chemical industry, quartz sand processing, electronic manufacturing, stone processing, smelting, cement, textile, case and bag processing, shoemaking, shipbuilding, construction and installation, furniture manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, etc. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 200000 enterprises with occupational hazards in the province, and about 2 million workers are exposed to occupational hazards. 1n 2016, there were more than 900 new cases of occupational diseases, an increase of more than 20% over 2015″ 1n the face of severe situation, we must take a multi pronged approach, pay attention to the source control of occupational hazard risks, and promote special governance in key industries. ” Zhao Shuxiang, director of Occupational Health Department of Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, said

new policies appear frequently, constantly touching the nerves of enterprises. 1n 2017, the State Administration of work safety revised and issued the regulations on the supervision and management of “three Simultaneities” for occupational disease prevention facilities. The provincial administration of work safety, combined with the actual situation of Hubei Province, improved the specific implementation measures, strengthened the main responsibility of the construction unit, and required the construction project to carry out the “three Simultaneities” work in accordance with the law (that is, the occupational disease prevention facilities and the main project should be designed, constructed and put into production at the same time), Control occupational hazards from the source

in the past two years, the number of “three Simultaneities” construction projects of occupational disease prevention facilities in the province has reached more than 1000 every year, compared with only dozens of cases in the province before the amendment of the “occupational disease prevention law”, the change is obvious. At the same time, a “step-by-step” strategy for the prevention and control of occupational diseases is also laid out. Focus on key areas, concentrate superior forces to fight the war of annihilation, bring two to three key industries into the scope of governance every year, and consolidate and expand the scope of governance year by year. Since 2011, our province has carried out special governance in 18 key industries, including mining, hazardous chemicals production, stone processing, etc., with more than 20000 enterprises participating in the governance

in 2015 and 2016, the state held the national occupational health work conference in our province for two consecutive years to organize all regions to learn and exchange the advanced practices of occupational health supervision in our province. Zha Yuanhong, member of the Party group and deputy director of the provincial administration of work safety, said that the basic pattern of occupational disease prevention and control has been initially formed in our province, and the special treatment of occupational hazards in key industries has been continuously promoted

dilemma: the protection awareness of responsible employees is not strong, breakthrough: demonstration and guidance, creating an atmosphere for occupational disease prevention and control

when the reporter went to an enterprise in Luotian with the inspection team for occupational health examination, he saw a thought-provoking scene” Can you tell me something about the occupational health work in your factory” We arrange a special person to sweep the floor every day in our factory. The sanitary conditions of the canteen are up to the standard. The staff bring their own dishes and chopsticks, which have been disinfected. ” 1t is clear that occupational health work is mainly focused on the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases, but the understanding of the person in charge of the enterprise is quite different from the reality, reflecting that some enterprises do not understand and attach importance to occupational health work ideologically, let alone implement the main responsibility of prevention and treatment

in the workshop of an electronic manufacturing enterprise in Danjiangkou City, the inspection team saw that the employees wore various protective equipment according to the regulations. But when the inspection team left, the reporter returned to the workshop only to find that some employees took off their masks and earplugs, and the fan that had been on had also been turned off. 1t turns out that what 1 just did was just to cope with the inspection

the experts of the inspection team said that the enterprises know that there are occupational hazards, but they are reluctant to invest, and the workers’ awareness of occupational hazard protection is weak, which is a major problem in the current occupational disease prevention and control work in our province

by strengthening law enforcement, enterprises are forced to implement the main responsibility. At the end of last year, the provincial safety committee carried out special occupational health law enforcement inspection in many places. A total of 6559 employers were inspected, 5780 law enforcement documents were issued, 19668 problems and hidden dangers were found, 115 enterprises were shut down for rectification, 20 enterprises were requested to close down, and the administrative penalty was 3.586 million yuan. Let the enterprise deeply feel “moved the true character”. Wuhan Dongfeng coating equipment Co., Ltd. was fined 300000 yuan in accordance with the law for failing to declare the occupational hazard project and stopping the occupational disease protection equipment without authorization; Hubei Huaqiang chemical group of Dangyang city was fined 170000 yuan for failing to implement the declaration of occupational hazards and carry out regular detection and evaluation according to law

occupational diseases are invisible killers. People attach importance to visible “red wounds” and ignore invisible “white wounds”. 1n order to create an atmosphere of attaching importance to occupational disease prevention and control, our province has carried out consultation and publicity on occupational disease prevention and control knowledge in construction sites, key enterprises, stations, squares and other places where people flow. At the same time, we have carried out the activity of creating “enterprises with standardized occupational health management” to set up models, improve the level of occupational health management, and effectively prevent, control and eliminate occupational hazards” Let the occupational disease enter the brain and heart, ten million pairs of eyes care for a healthy Li Ling, deputy director of the comprehensive supervision and Law Enforcement Bureau of the provincial health and Family Planning Commission and expert of the provincial occupational health expert database, said that at present, our province has initially built a relatively complete occupational health service network, and achieved the goal of county coverage of physical examination institutions and city (Prefecture) coverage of diagnostic institutions, so as to facilitate workers to get occupational health examination, occupational disease diagnosis and identification nearby

the 13th five year plan of occupational disease prevention and control in Hubei Province issued this month requires that the wearing rate of personal protective equipment in key industries should reach more than 95%, the regular detection rate of occupational hazards should reach more than 85%, and the occupational health examination rate of workers should reach more than 95%; The training rate of main responsible persons and occupational health management personnel of enterprises should reach 100%

dilemma: institutional construction lags behind, capacity still needs to be improved, breakthrough: 1ntegrated Supervision, remove the fence to form a joint force

“in the past, occupational health supervisors often fought alone, one or two people in charge of hundreds of enterprises in a county, in the face of a huge group of people exposed to occupational hazards, it is inevitable that they can not do what they want.” Xiong Ling, a full-time occupational health supervisor in Macheng, still remembers the pain of supervision in the past. She said, “it’s different now. Through the integrated supervision and law enforcement, the occupational health inspection is included in each safety production inspection, and the supervision force has been greatly improved.”

at the beginning of the prevention and control of occupational diseases, we are faced with the dilemma of insufficient supervision. On December 31, 2011, the newly revised “occupational disease prevention and control law” was officially promulgated, which made it clear that the supervision subject of workplace is safety supervision department, but there is still “blank” in the two-level safety supervision department

through unremitting efforts in recent years, all municipal and state safety supervision departments have set up occupational health supervision organizations, 65% of county (city, district) level safety supervision departments have set up occupational health supervision departments, and 90% of counties (city, district) have implemented full-time supervisors. From scratch, the framework system of occupational disease prevention and control supervision force has been established. However, there are still some “bottlenecks” such as the lag of institutional personnel construction, the shortage of full-time occupational health supervision personnel, and the lack of professional ability to fully meet the needs of supervision tasks

how to break through? At the beginning of 2017, our province took the lead in exploring the “integrated” supervision and law enforcement of occupational health and work safety in the country, focusing on solving the shortcomings of the lack of supervisors. 1n the work of safety production inspection, daily supervision and inspection and construction project inspection, occupational health inspection is regarded as the “prescribed action” and responsibility assessment content< According to Zhao Shuxiang, the integrated supervision and law enforcement has broken through the dilemma of insufficient supervision power to a certain extent by removing the fence, optimizing the allocation of human resources of safety supervision departments, implementing the principle that occupational health must be taken care of in the management of safety production

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