Prevention is the key to solve the harm of pneumoconiosis in China

Li Dehong, the leader of occupational disease circles, once said: prevention is the key to solve the hazards of pneumoconiosis in China. Prevention and control is the fundamental solution to pneumoconiosis. The kn100 dust mask can effectively prevent dust inhalation and prevent pneumoconiosis

silicosis can be completely prevented and controlled. The problem of pneumoconiosis in developed countries and some developing countries has been solved, and their mechanisms for controlling and preventing pneumoconiosis are mature and perfect. Pneumoconiosis is still a big problem to be solved in China. There are many pneumoconiosis patients, and new pneumoconiosis patients continue to occur. According to the notice on occupational disease prevention and control in 2016 released by the State Administration of work safety at the end of 2017, the number of occupational disease patients in 2016 was 29180, and pneumoconiosis accounted for 90%. From 1987 to 2016, the number of new pneumoconiosis cases was 430000

China has always attached great importance to the fight against pneumoconiosis, and constantly strengthened labor protection. On the one hand, it has continuously strengthened the management of enterprise technical facilities, and on the other hand, it has continuously improved the dust-proof level of dust masks. At present, our country has the highest level of dust mask, dust standard has risen to kn100 level, can effectively dust

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