Prevention of industrial noise

The measures to prevent hearing loss include engineering control measures, management measures and personal protection measures

engineering control measures: first of all, the process, equipment and materials that produce noise should be improved, and the noise source should be controlled to reduce the noise generation as much as possible. 1n addition, control measures such as sound insulation (covering the noise equipment), vibration isolation (adding spring shock absorber, rubber, cork, asphalt felt, glass fiber felt, etc. under the noise generating equipment), sound absorption (coating a layer of damping material on the metal plate, such as asphalt, soft rubber or other polymer coating) can also play a noise reduction effect

management measures: management measures are very important measures. As long as there is noise hazard, management measures are necessary. Management contents include: (1) routine monitoring and recording of noise exposure< (2) record management of workers' hearing test< (3) evaluation of engineering control measures< (4) management and maintenance of noise reduction equipment (5) establish rules for the selection, use and maintenance of ear protectors, and conduct supervision and inspection< (6) management of noise contaminated areas, including putting up warning signs, requiring all personnel entering the area to wear ear protectors; Or limit or reduce the number of entry personnel and stay time (7) reviewing the implementation of the hearing protection plan< (8) reasonably arrange labor and rest to shorten exposure time personal protective measures: if the noise intensity in the workplace can not be effectively controlled temporarily, wearing personal protective equipment is an effective measure to protect workers’ auditory organs. Various designs of ear protectors (also known as hearing protectors) can be used by different operators. 1f properly selected, used and maintained, good noise reduction effect can be achieved which positions are considered as noise workplaces the health management department requires enterprises to formulate their own hearing protection plans according to their own conditions, and assign specially trained personnel to organize the implementation enterprises should monitor the noise in the workplace, determine the people whose noise exposure is greater than or equal to 8.5 D B (a), and inform the relevant workers of the monitoring results; Workers exposed to noise should have basic hearing test and regular follow-up hearing test the enterprise should provide enough noise attenuation and comfortable ear protectors for workers exposed to noise; Carry out hearing protection training regularly, check engineering control measures and the use of ear protectors to ensure the effect of hearing protection< How to look at the noise limits of workplaces the state has formulated health standards for noise in workplaces, and the noise in workplaces is lower than the national standards. For the vast majority of workers who work 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week, the possibility of occupational hearing loss is small; 1f the noise in the workplace is higher than the national standard, the employer should take comprehensive measures to reduce the noise intensity in the workplace, and provide workers with ear plugs and earmuffs according to the national standard [guidelines for the selection of hearing protectors (GB / t23466-2009)] workers can know whether the noise meets the requirements of national standards through the notification board of noise monitoring results in the workplace health protection should be followed in noise operation workers engaged in noise operation should learn, master and abide by the post operation procedures, and understand the noise hazard factors and possible health damage in the workplace regularly check the sound insulation, sound absorption and vibration reduction facilities or materials to ensure that they are in good condition. 1n case of any abnormality, timely report and maintain them adhere to and correctly wear personal protective equipment as required; Participate in the occupational health examination arranged by the employer China labor insurance net

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