Printing and dyeing giant “Shenghong group” new fiber fabrics can be self-cleaning

Shenghong group, known as “global superfine fiber expert” and “Asia’s first printing and dyeing capacity”, was founded in 1992 and located in Shengze, Wujiang, the silk capital. After 18 years of trials and hardships, Shenghong has grown into a modern group enterprise with total assets of nearly 10 billion yuan and annual sales revenue of over 10 billion yuan. At present, the group’s main chemical fiber and printing and dyeing, has become a leading enterprise in the industry. 1n 2009, Shenghong group was shortlisted in the “top 500 Chinese enterprises” list for the first time

“we can produce the world’s leading products, the key is that the company has always attached importance to product development and technological innovation.” Miao Hangen, chairman of Shenghong group, said a group of amazing figures: last year, Shenghong group, which has more than 300 scientific research personnel, independently developed new technologies, applied for 366 patents a year, one patent per day on average, including 208 invention patents. And these new technologies also bring great benefits to Shenghong. 1n 2008, when the global financial crisis was extremely serious, the sales volume of Shenghong group exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time in its history, reaching 10.6 billion yuan, creating a “miracle” for the textile industry

printing and dyeing capacity is the first in Asia

recently, in the list of “top 500 competitiveness of China’s textile and garment enterprises from 2008 to 2009” sponsored by China Textile 1ndustry Association, the list of top 10 competitiveness of China’s printing and dyeing and chemical fiber industry was released at the same time. Shenghong group once again stands out with its outstanding performance, ranking among the top 500 enterprises in the comprehensive competitiveness of the whole industry and the top 100 enterprises in the main business income of China’s textile and garment industry. Both printing and dyeing and chemical fiber enter the top 10 of the industry, and printing and dyeing has won the top 10 for the first time, and its production capacity ranks first in Asia, which has become the focus of attention

Shenghong printing and dyeing is composed of several printing and dyeing branches. 1n order to better adjust the product structure and give full play to the group’s operating advantages, Shenghong printing and dyeing has formulated the development strategy of “one factory, one product”. Each branch has its own characteristic products. Shenghong printing and dyeing not only has a large scale and excellent product quality, but also has timely delivery. Each branch takes advantage of its own advantages to refine, deepen and refine its own characteristic products, which meets the special requirements of customers for products, and lays a foundation for improving product quality and increasing product added value. Through the operation of the first mock exam, Sheng Hong printing and dyeing has gradually formed a specialized, large-scale and standardized production pattern. The product quality has been significantly improved compared with the same industry

printing and dyeing industry is a big polluter. 1n order to maximize energy conservation and emission reduction and improve enterprise efficiency, Shenghong conducted energy-saving audit in 2006. From 2007 to 2008, the company determined the annual energy-saving work deployment and energy-saving goals according to the energy-saving planning, and gradually promoted and completed various works according to the energy-saving decomposition goals. 1n the aspect of emission reduction, Shenghong eliminated the backward equipment with high energy consumption, high water consumption and low efficiency, increased the investment in water saving and emission reduction projects, carried out technical transformation, improved the utilization efficiency of water resources, and reduced the production of printing and dyeing wastewater. 1n order to further improve the utilization efficiency of resources, the company decided to treat printing and dyeing wastewater, and some of them were further treated to achieve the purpose of reuse. 1n terms of energy saving, Shenghong has set up an energy management office, with the vice president in charge of energy work of the group as the group leader, led by the factory director, to set up workshop and team energy management posts, establish a three-level energy management network, clarify the responsibilities of various departments and the Division of personnel, and comprehensively implement the enterprise’s energy management. Established a sound energy management system, including: energy procurement, storage management, energy management, measurement and statistics management, consumption quota management and other reward and punishment assessment system. 1n 2008, Shenghong invested more than 5 million yuan in energy-saving technological transformation. 17 heat conducting oil boilers distributed in printing and dyeing branch plants were installed with flue gas waste heat recovery devices, and steam was connected to the steam supply system for printing and dyeing production and processing, which effectively improved the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy. According to statistics, each recovery unit can recover more than 20 tons of steam every day, and this alone can save 11500 tons of standard coal every year. 1n 2009, Shenghong plans to invest more than 50 million yuan in energy-saving technology transformation. After transformation, it can not only greatly improve production efficiency, but also save a lot of energy and improve energy efficiency. At present, the preliminary work of each energy-saving technology transformation project has been carried out

“superfine fiber expert”

“cotton fabric has good moisture absorption, but it can’t dry quickly; Ordinary polyester fabric has good quick drying property, but its moisture absorption property is not good. 1t’s stuffy and airtight to wear. 1t’s difficult for ordinary natural fiber or synthetic fiber to have both moisture absorption and quick drying properties. However, the fabrics made of the “superfine fiber” developed by us are several times softer than silk, and have the functions of waterproof, air permeability and self-cleaning. ” Meng Fenghua, deputy general manager of Shenghong group, said that due to occupying the commanding point in the field of superfine fiber production, the company has an absolute say in the price of products. The highest price per ton is 110000 yuan, while the price of ordinary fiber is only 10000 to 20000 yuan. Superfine fiber products are mostly used in high-grade clothing, which is very hot in the international market. The reason why Shenghong is outstanding is that it has mastered the technology that other enterprises can’t match – ultra-fine and ultra velvet polyester fiber. “The weight of this kind of ultra-fine filament is 20g, and the cross section of a single filament is 3.5 μ M. even for conventional filament, the cross section is about 10 μ M, which is not yet available in the world, Only our company can produce such fine monofilament

in 2007, the output of Shenghong microfiber exceeded the total output of Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions, becoming a veritable “microfiber kingdom” in the world; 1n 2008, through the research and development of superfine fiber, Shenghong chemical fiber occupied the commanding height in the field of superfine fiber production. The 49 superfine fiber production lines with large-scale production were the largest in the world, and the annual sales of superfine fiber increased by 40%. Zhongqiao technology, a subsidiary of the group, was introduced into the world’s first PTT memory fiber production line, which promoted the expansion of PTT fiber application market, Has become an international leader in the same industry” Shenghong’s invention patent is applied to every textile machine of Shenghong. Now, with Shenghong’s current technology alone, the competitive advantage can be maintained for at least three years. ” Miao said

in addition to the leading position of “superfine fiber” in the world, the world’s first professional “memory fiber” production line has also realized large-scale production in Shenghong. Up to now, it has produced 8000 tons, ranking first in the world. The so-called “memory fiber”, that is, this kind of fiber can imitate people’s memory. The clothes woven with it will dry eight or nine minutes after washing. No matter how you rub them, as long as you wipe them with your hands, they will return to their original appearance as if you have memory” The most conventional memory fiber is 32000 yuan per ton, which is more than twice of that of conventional superfine fiber. ” Meng Fenghua said

Xu Kunyuan, vice president of China Textile 1ndustry Association, believes that the development of Shenghong chemical fiber has the advantages of industrial chain, advanced equipment has laid a solid foundation for the future development of the enterprise, and the mass production of superfine fiber will greatly increase the proportion of high-end garment products exported by China, 1t will play an important role in the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of China’s textile industry< 1n September 2009, the construction of Shenghong's modern textile R & D base started and is expected to be completed by the end of 2010. The R & D base, with a total investment of over 300 million yuan and a construction area of 116000 square meters, will include three technology public service platforms, 10 scientific research centers and a postdoctoral research workstation, such as textile fiber testing center, textile fiber testing center, and so on "1ts completion will make Shenghong a new textile" Silicon Valley "with distinctive characteristics and characteristics of the times in China and even in the world." Tang Jinkui, vice president of Shenghong, said that no matter how big an aircraft carrier is, it can't do without power. All the facilities of scientific research institutions are equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment in the world. The 14 scientific research institutions are just like the 14 most powerful engines of the aircraft carrier. The strength of the engine lies not only in the hardware facilities, but also in the advanced technology and excellent talents. After these institutions enter the base, Shenghong resources will be comprehensively integrated and upgraded “in the face of the crisis, Shenghong is more aware of the importance of scientific and technological innovation. Taking scientific and technological innovation as a link to promote industrial transformation and upgrading has become a” magic weapon “that we always hold in hand.” Miao Hangen, chairman of Shenghong group, said, “investing in the construction of modern textile R & D base is a long-standing scientific and technological dream of Shenghong people. We need to build the R & D base into a world-class super aircraft carrier for scientific and technological innovation, and let this aircraft carrier lead the entire textile industry out of Asia and to the forefront of the world “focusing on the research and performance test of functional fiber and functional fabric finishing, the base will provide a” one-stop “comprehensive R & D service for the whole textile industry chain,” said Mei Feng, chief engineer of Shenghong, The R & D base will play an active role in the regional operation and R & D of the whole textile industry chain and related upstream and downstream enterprises, and push the most mature and technological products to the market. The aircraft carrier will always focus on the navigation mark of “one-stop service”, give full play to the advantages of Wujiang’s existing textile industry chain, strengthen independent innovation, gradually establish an enterprise model led by scientific and technological innovation, and comprehensively improve the technical content and added value of products. “< As the largest private textile R & D base in China, Shenghong will not only use it in the enterprise itself" The R & D base not only serves itself, but also faces the public market and goes to the world. We welcome any textile enterprise to board this aircraft carrier at any time to appreciate the elegant demeanor of textile science and technology and enjoy the achievements of scientific and technological innovation. " Mei Feng gave an example, "for example, a textile enterprise can learn the market trend, production and sales situation of this year from the textile information exchange center, so as to require the fabric design center to design fabric products in line with the trend. At the same time, our textile materials research center, printing and dyeing processing technology research center and other research and development institutions will work together to provide corresponding production conditions for this product. After the products are "released", the testing center will give them a comprehensive "physical examination", and finally push them to the market ceremoniously in the fashion fabric exhibition and release center. "< 1n the crisis, Shenghong has increased its investment significantly. Where does Miao Hangen's confidence come from" Every crisis is a new opportunity for the reallocation of factor resources, and it is also the best time for enterprises to expand at low cost. Once the market recovers, the competition will be more intense, so we must make early preparations. ". Miao Hangen, chairman of Shenghong group, said that as long as enterprises do a good job in market research and risk assessment, and seize the opportunity to carry out some targeted investment under the current background, they can obtain the most scarce resources such as raw materials, technology, brand and talents at a lower cost, and narrow the gap with foreign advanced enterprises at a faster speed Miao’s confidence did not come out of thin air. 1n 2008, the sales volume of Shenghong group exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time in history, reaching 10.6 billion yuan, becoming one of the top three sales enterprises in Wujiang

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