Problems encountered in the export of China’s safety shoes industry

1.1 low labor cost and diminishing advantages

China’s safety shoes export enterprises occupy the international market because of their significant cost advantages. Among the factors of cost advantage, the comparative advantage of labor price is the main one. The shoemaking industry is a labor-intensive industry. China has a large population, and the basic labor skills of workers are higher than those of 1ndia, Pakistan, Africa and other countries with low labor costs. China’s safety shoes products have a greater cost advantage in the international market. However, we must also realize that with the development of the domestic economy, the price of labor has become higher and higher, other costs such as water and electricity have increased many times, and the comparative advantage of labor price is weakening. Due to the price reduction competition of safety shoes production enterprises, but the labor price is increasing year by year, which is contrary to the foreign quotation, the cost advantage of safety shoes production enterprises in China is gradually decreasing, and then the profit rate of enterprises is decreasing. With the continuous economic development of other developing countries, they also rely on the advantage of low labor force to carry out processing trade

1.2 unreasonable industrial structure

at present, the industrial structure of safety shoes in China is unreasonable. 1t is mainly manifested in the following two points: first, the proportion of raw materials and safety shoes is out of balance; Second, the proportion of high, medium and basic safety shoes in China is out of balance. 1t is understood that China’s safety shoes, such as Baotou steel head and other high-tech accessories, must be imported from developed countries, and China does not have the ability of independent development at present; 1n addition, buffalo leather, which is widely used in safety shoes, must also be imported from 1ndia and other countries. As for the proportion of high, medium and basic funds. At present, the vast majority of enterprises are in the very low end of the pure copy of the basic safety shoes in the foreign market, and the proportion of some enterprises is even as high as 100%. A very small number of enterprises adopt independent development, and the proportion of the basic shoes also reaches more than 95%

1.3 lack of professional talents and backward technology

there is a low proportion of professional and technical personnel in China’s safety shoes production enterprises, lack of excellent design talents, difficult to create safety shoes with unique safety performance, and lack of keen sense of popular information, which leads to the functional lag between the national safety shoes and the international safety shoes, Therefore, we can only imitate the existing safety shoes in the world. The quality of professional technicians and designers has a direct impact on the improvement of the scientific and technological content of their products, while the lack of human resources, especially in the development and production of new products, business management and quality control of products, will directly affect the formulation of business plans, the renewal of product quality and style, So as to affect the sales of products in foreign markets

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