Problems needing attention in low voltage live line maintenance

1) The low-voltage live working shall be supervised by a specially assigned person, the tools with insulating handle shall be used, the work shall be carried out on the dry insulating material, and gloves and safety helmet shall be worn. Long sleeve clothes must be worn to work. 1t is strictly forbidden to use tools such as knife, metal ruler, brush and duster with metal

2) when the high-voltage and low-voltage lines are erected on the same pole and working on the low-voltage live line, the distance from the high-voltage line should be checked first, and measures should be taken to prevent touching the live high-voltage part by mistake

3) workers are not allowed to cross the low-voltage live wire without insulation measures. When working on live low-voltage distribution equipment, isolation measures should be taken to prevent phase to phase short circuit and single-phase grounding

4) the phase and zero line should be distinguished and the working position should be selected before putting on the pole. When the conductor is disconnected, the phase line shall be disconnected first, and then the zero line. When overlapping conductors, the sequence shall be reversed. Generally, it is not allowed to connect or break wires with load

5) human body should not touch two thread ends at the same time

6) live parts are only allowed to be located on one side of the staff

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