Problems should be paid attention to when using antistatic dust-free clothing

Generally speaking, the anti-static and dust-free work clothes we call are basically made of man-made long fiber fabrics. This kind of fabric can be knitted, woven and spun. The conductivity of the fibers in the anti-static dust-free work clothes is better than other fibers, and this material is not easy to produce dust, which can transfer the electric charge in the human body, and also can avoid dust coming out of the anti-static dust-free work clothes. So in the purchase and use of anti-static dust-free work clothes, we should pay attention to what problems? Let’s have a look

in the selection of anti-static dust-free work clothes, the structure requirements are as follows:

1. The selected clothes must be very comfortable and convenient to wear, and should be easy to take off, which will not burden the human body’s activities

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