process of wearing antistatic clothing

(1) Personal anti-static:

Step 1: wear inner latex gloves

Step 2: wear disposable surgical cap. Arrange your hair and try to cover all your hair in your hat

Step 3: wear N95 mask. 1. Wear it. Check the elasticity of the frenulum, then hold the mask with one hand so that the nose clip is at the fingertip and the frenulum is loose under your hand. Cover the nose, mouth and chin with the mask, and press the nose clip up close to the face. With the other hand, pull the lower frenum over the top of the head, put it under the ears behind the neck, and then pull the upper frenum to the middle of the top of the head2. Shape nose clip. Place the fingertips of both hands on the metal nose clip, start from the middle position, press the nose clip inward with both hands, move and press to both sides respectively, and shape the nose clip according to the shape of the nose bridge (both hands must be used). 3. Tightness check. Cover the anti-static mask with both hands and exhale quickly. 1f the air overflows from the edge of the mask, i.e. improper wearing, the mask position, headband and nose clip must be adjusted again

Step 4: wear antistatic clothing. Pull the zipper to the right position. At the same time, grasp the opening of the waist zipper of the anti-static clothing. First put on the lower limbs, then put on the upper limbs, then pull the zipper to the chest, put on the one-piece cap, and finally pull the zipper to the top and stick the neckline

Step 5: wear antistatic glasses. Check the elasticity of the headband, adjust it to the feeling after wearing it, feel the comfort of the head, press the headband on the bonnet, and make the lower edge of the glasses close to the mask. Br / >
Step 6: put on the inner short shoe cover

Step 7: put on the outer long shoe cover or rubber shoes, and pay attention to insert the mouth of anti-static clothing into the outer shoe cover or rubber shoes

Step 8: wear outer latex gloves and tie the cuffs of anti-static clothing into the gloves

Step 9: carefully check the whole set of anti-static equipment and check with your teammates to make sure there is no missing or damage

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