Promoting “Chinese shoe industry creation” with brand power

it is urgent to change the mode of economic development, and vigorously promote the economy to enter the development track of innovation driven and endogenous growth. “—â€?This is a clear instruction given by Premier Wen Jiabao in the government work report on Marc5, 2010. However, for the shoe industry, this change has a long way to go. 1t is obvious that due to the lack of core competitiveness, it is difficult for China’s shoe industry to achieve the parallel development of scale and brand strength. Therefore, in this transformation of economic development mode, the shoe industry began to explore in the form of product, channel and market, hoping to break through the bottleneck of brand development, realize brand upgrading and win sustainable competitiveness

whether it is the trade frictions between Chinese shoe enterprises and European Union and other countries, or the strong performance of domestic economy in the world financial crisis, whether “overseas acquisition” is becoming a hot topic, or China has become the country with the fastest growth of luxury consumption, all kinds of signs show that China’s domestic retail market has great potential. 1n the face of new development opportunities, China’s representative shoe enterprises in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Chengdu and other major shoe production bases responded quickly and took the initiative to make strategic adjustments. A series of positive and positive exploration measures were introduced and implemented one after another. Although there was no immediate effect, the transformation and upgrading of China’s shoe industry in recent two years is still gratifying

the industry changes frequently, and the high value-added sector is strengthened

“give me a fulcrum and a long enough lever, and 1 can leverage the whole earth” – with the awakening and strengthening of the brand awareness of Chinese shoe enterprises, the force of the fulcrum of “product R & D and channel upgrading” is gradually valued. The initial appearance was that some shoe enterprises began to reduce production lines, increase the proportion of purchased products, gradually weaken production functions, or began to carry out production reform, trying to save production costs in the manufacturing process to increase profits. For example, in 2008, Aokang Group introduced some measures to strengthen the control of production process details, even in the case of rising raw materials, However, its production cost has been effectively controlled

the most direct and common landing point of reform is mainly concentrated in the two high value-added sectors of “smile curve” – investment in product R & D and channel construction. On the one hand, some shoe companies set up offices in Dongguan, 1taly, Spain, Japan and South Korea to collect the latest fashion information. On the other hand, compared with the R & D sector, the pace of channel transformation, upgrading and expansion seems to be more rapid. Quanzhou and Wenzhou shoe enterprises, which are good at Monopoly chain mode, intend to take advantage of the department store channel to win the promotion of brand image, jump from the long-term occupied third and fourth level market to the first and second level market, break the geographical limitations of sales, and then pave the way for the internationalization of brands in the domestic market. The representative brands of Dongguan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, such as Belle and Saturday, although they have the chips to have an equal dialogue with most department stores, they are still actively looking for diversified terminal formats, trying to open street side stores, integrated stores and even enter the shoe city to gain more channel voice. Tongxiang women’s shoes and Chengdu women’s shoes, which are mainly engaged in OEM processing and export business, have launched a brand offensive against the domestic market in the past two years

the two-way matching problem shows that brand channel resources are in urgent need of docking

one end is the desire of domestic shoe enterprises for channel transformation and upgrading, and the other end is the bottleneck of domestic channel development and little knowledge of local shoe brands. When expanding domestic demand has become one of the important contents of the government’s work, the expansion and sustainable development of retail formats such as department stores and shoe stores have also become the focus of attention in the industry. First of all, as an important base of the domestic retail industry, China’s department store industry is facing the development bottleneck of homogeneous competition and differentiated operation. How to find a balance between scale expansion and healthy and sustainable development is the main problem for the department store industry; At the same time, as the best display platform of brand image, how department stores should give full play to their own advantages and promote the upgrading and development of local national brands is the historical thinking given by the society to the department store industry

as an important part of Chinese shoe industry channel, retail chain shoe city plays an important role in promoting the prosperity of Chinese shoe industry market and optimizing the structure of shoe industry channel; On April 30, the first store of “Gome sharp move” opened in Beijing, which also indicates the huge development prospect of retail shoe city, the terminal form of shoe industry. However, at present, the national retail shoe city is still unable to get rid of the “small, many, scattered and disordered” business pattern. Under the environment of positive reform and rapid development of China’s shoe industry, how can the retail chain shoe city become bigger and stronger, and truly become one of the pillars of the “department store monopoly shoe city” tripartite pattern

the imbalance of docking between brands and channels was magnified mercilessly for the first time at the “docking exhibition of famous products into famous stores” held in Wenzhou in August 2009. After visiting the brand exhibition halls of shoe enterprises such as Wenzhou and Quanzhou, many people in department stores sighed that “national brands can become an important element for department stores to realize differentiated individual operation and complement each other’s advantages”. Such a voice is not “monotonous” at the exhibition site; Some chain shoe cities have also found a breakthrough in the reform of their business model, such as reducing the intermediate links and realizing the joint operation of manufacturers; What is more important is that the brand business really realizes the deep-seated reason of “why shopping malls are difficult to enter”, which is not only the public relations fee and deduction, but also the gap of a series of brand marketing levels, such as product research and development, image packaging, publicity and promotion

all parties make efforts to promote the development of China’s shoe industry

there are always more ways than problems. China’s shoe industry is developing rapidly in the process of constantly overcoming problems and exploring. As the only large-scale professional boutique exhibition of finished shoes in China, the 98th China footwear and leather goods fair and the docking exhibition of famous brands and stores actively responded to the call of the central government to adjust the structure, focusing on the “R & D” and “sales” links with high added value in the “smile curve” to meet the docking needs of brands and channels, To build a bridge for famous footwear products at home and abroad, as well as key large-scale department stores and shoe chain stores in China, to promote industry exchanges, to explore the development of the shoe industry, and to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the shoe industry

if it is said that the problem of “unbalanced docking between brands and channels” can be solved through equal communication and exchange of needs within domestic shoe brands and channels, then the weak link of “product R & D and design”, which has been criticized for a long time, must obtain the cooperation of “external brain”. We have to admit that China’s shoe industry, with its strong manufacturing advantages, occupies a dominant position in the world’s shoe-making field. However, it is criticized for the prevalence of imitation and the lack of innovation, which makes it unable to have international brand discourse. 1n fact, in this exhibition, the “shoes and design” theme salon activities, new season shoes fashion show, etc. founded by the organizer are all providing a platform for designers at home and abroad to exchange ideas and opportunities for enterprises. Through these series of activities, it has a positive role in effectively promoting the level of Chinese shoe designers and the improvement of brand design ability, solving the basic problem of weak product innovation of Chinese shoe industry, and effectively promoting the development of Chinese shoe industry

it is the collective wish of the whole Chinese shoe industry to realize brand upgrading and industrial transformation as soon as possible. From the “98th China shoes · leather goods fair and” famous brand stores “docking Exhibition”, we are glad to see that Chinese shoe industry people are breaking through the “R & D information imbalance, channel imbalance, brand competition” of Chinese shoe industry through various forms and efforts We sincerely hope that China’s shoe industry can realize transformation and upgrading as soon as possible, and stride forward in the direction of branding and internationalization

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