promoting work safety with lessons from accidents

On February 8, the provincial government held a provincial teleconference on work safety warning education, implemented the spirit of the national and provincial teleconference on work safety, and reported and analyzed three typical cases of work safety accidents in 2017. Vice Governor Wu Xiaojun attended the meeting and delivered a speech< Wu Xiaojun pointed out that the "2.25" major fire accident in Nanchang, the "5.15" major road traffic accident in Yingtan and the "8.26" major explosion accident in Wanzai Rongxing fireworks and firecrackers Manufacturing Co., Ltd. last year exposed many weak links and problems that can not be ignored in the work of enterprises, governments and departments, Some deep-seated contradictions and problems in the field of production safety have not been fundamentally solved. To analyze the causes in depth and get warning from the lessons of accidents, safety production must strictly implement the responsibility, strictly abide by the rules and disciplines, strictly supervise and manage, strictly inspect and enforce the law. This year, we will take the top ten special rectification actions as the main starting point to conduct a comprehensive, systematic and in-depth investigation and rectification of potential risks in the top ten industries and fields such as coal mines, non coal mines, fireworks and firecrackers. All localities and relevant departments must improve their political positions, adhere to the principle of being responsible, responsible and responsible for supervision, and ensure that the measures of the ten major special rectification actions are rooted and effective

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