Proper use of light fireproof clothing and its characteristics


it is made of specially developed fibers, which can protect various chemicals and provide flame retardancy, enough to maintain or even improve the effectiveness of thermal protective clothing

it is suitable for the protection of hazardous chemicals and has passed the corresponding CE standard and type 4 (penetration and splash) test formula

it meets the anti-static en1149.1 Standard

main technical parameters

1 water permeability, no leakage

2 tensile strength, N / 5cm, warp, weft ≥ 450

3 tear strength, (single tongue method) n, warp, Weft ≥ 32

4 acid permeability (100 mm) × 100 mm), 30 min (80% H2SO4, 60% HNO3, 30% HCl) impermeability

5 alkali permeability 6.1 mol / L NaOH, (100 × Flame retardant properties: afterburning time, s flame retardant time, s damage length, cm ≤ 10

7 heat aging properties (125oC) × 24 h) non stick and non brittle

8 cold resistance (- 25oC) × 5 min, folding 180o) no crack

9 gasoline resistance (120 ï¹?gasoline, 30s) no crack and no stick

10 overall weight of chemical protective clothing, kg ≤ 5


1. Stretch open the opening of the conjoined jacket, put on rubber boots with both feet, tidy the clothing, lift it to the waist, and then put on both hands

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