Prospect of labor insurance industry trend in 2018: less slogans and more practical work

With the “18-year-old” enemy occupied screen swipe in the circle of friends and a wave of national gossip in the entertainment circle, we left in 2017 with a wave of hand

in 2018, Xi dada was inspired to talk about the beautiful blueprint drawn at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, saying: “we must not indulge in fantasy, not focus on empty voice, step by step, and do a good job in a down-to-earth way.”. What about you

in the past year, the labor insurance industry has experienced the huge impact brought by the soaring raw materials and withstood the heavy pressure brought by the stricter environmental protection policies. Although the environmental protection problems will be more serious in the future, artificial intelligence will follow, and the labor insurance people’s year of 2018 will not be too easy, but we always have hope, because there are still dreams. 1n 2018, which trends are or will still affect the development process of the whole labor insurance industry, Xiaobian will share with you

the more stringent environmental protection policies have forced enterprises to transform and upgrade, which is not a blessing.

since the implementation of more stringent environmental protection policies, people’s biggest feeling is that the frequency of seeing blue sky is higher. At a small scale, environmental protection is good for air quality and people’s health. At a large scale, environmental protection is to make the earth better and more livable. Human progress has paid a huge price. 1f even air and water are to be sacrificed, what is the significance of development

environmental protection policies have more or less affected the enterprises in the industry. However, Shanghai name1 Shoes Co., Ltd., which has long been aware of environmental protection and has spent tens of millions to install DMF environmental protection equipment, has not been affected and orders have increased instead of decreasing. This set of environmental protection equipment of name1 will treat the waste water, waste gas and other wastes produced in the whole production process and then reuse them. The internal environment of the whole factory and the safety and health of workers are also effectively guaranteed

however, the enterprises that did not take corrective measures before the tightening of the policy were “tortured” in this environmental storm. Some of them stopped production, others closed down, and some of them were in constant fear of production

behind this storm, we have heard discontent and Crusade, as well as many different voices. More and more workers believe that the implementation and tightening of environmental protection policies is the trend of the times. The labor protection products industry is first and foremost the manufacturing industry, especially the highly polluting processes in glove dipping, safety helmet production and other links, which are harmful to workers’ health and production environment. The strict requirements of environmental protection policies on enterprises are no longer a national problem, but the responsibility and obligation of human beings to the earth’s living environment< The second draft of standardization law of the people's Republic of China (Revised Draft) clearly states that the State encourages social groups such as societies, associations, chambers of Commerce, federations and industrial technology alliances to coordinate with relevant market entities to jointly formulate group standards to meet the needs of market and innovation, 1t shall be adopted by agreement of the members of the organization or by the society on a voluntary basis in accordance with the regulations of the organization. Both group standards and enterprise standards are the embodiment of a high degree of self-discipline in the industry. On the basis of national standards, the formulation of group or enterprise standards that are stricter than national standards and higher than national standards not only promotes the development of the industry, but also provides a basis for the development of industry standards since 2016, the safety and health protection articles Committee of China textile business association has included the construction of group standards into its work agenda. At the annual meeting of the expert committee held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province in 2017, experts from scientific research institutions and testing institutions were invited. 1t is the most urgent wish of the association and its members to gather the strength of industry experts, do a good job in the standard work of the labor insurance industry, shoulder the responsibility given by the industry, play the role of the expert group, and make suggestions for the progress and improvement of the industry standard in the era of e-commerce, the trend of labor insurance industry is surging forward to break the ice whether the major labor insurance enterprises are competing to set up internet marketing teams, or the expert seminar on “labor insurance industry + big data construction” jointly held by the safety and health protection articles Committee of China Textile Business Association, Tsinghua University and huicong.com, 1t’s all the attempts of this industry, which has gone through numerous trials and tribulations but is still vigorous, to take on a new journey. 1t is precisely because of such a group of responsible and responsible industry organizations and labor insurance personnel that the labor insurance industry, as a typical representative of traditional manufacturing industry in the era of e-commerce, can quickly adjust its development direction, And established its own development system and context of the labor insurance industry, and walked out of the 1nternet pace of the labor insurance people although the 1nternet era is changing rapidly, the labor insurance workers will inevitably encounter difficulties in the process of development, there are always a group of people who are not afraid of difficulties and failures and hope to gather more forces to provide ideas for the better development of the labor insurance industry in the 1nternet era. The sharing of Xi’an Pipi Yiguo Zigang, general manager, at the 14th labor insurance industry entrepreneur salon made me admire: the development of big data application projects in labor insurance industry has a long way to go. First of all, big data used to face individuals. When users use all kinds of software, big data has collected a lot of information and analyzed it. Because of its particularity, the labor insurance industry has a long way to go, 1t may be enterprises, procurement or individual users. Big data is an important part of collecting enterprise information. However, the gradual integration of the labor insurance industry and 1nternet big data is the trend of the times. Enterprises in the labor insurance industry must invest some energy and attention in this aspect, which is not only conducive to the development of the industry, but also beneficial to the development of enterprises the “big data application project of national labor protection industry” launched by the safety and health protection articles Committee of China textile business association is just the beginning of the big data “co discussion, co construction and sharing” work in China’s labor protection articles industry. 1 sincerely hope that more and more people with insight will participate in every step forward of new things in the industry, Make a contribution to the new tomorrow of labor insurance industry the platform helps enterprises build national brands, and the dawn is beginning to appear all the enterprises that have made great progress in the world are taking the brand route. From product production, innovation and operation to achieve the ultimate, become the preferred brand in the hearts of users. Brand is the embodiment of enterprise soft power< 1n recent years, "made in China" has become a hot word. China's China Railway China Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd., Xi Jinping, said that we should promote the transformation of China made to China, the quality of China's speed to China, and the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands. " 1n the internal speech on the issue of "car allocation" of leading cadres, he said that "we should take cars of our own brands"< 1n his report on the work of the government at the fifth session of the 12th National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that we should "comprehensively improve the quality level. We should carry out quality improvement activities extensively, strengthen total quality management, and improve the quality competition mechanism of survival of the fittest. The soul of quality lies in ingenuity. We should vigorously carry forward the spirit of craftsman, cultivate craftsman culture, do our best in professional ethics, advocate excellence, cultivate a large number of "Chinese craftsmen", create more world-famous "Chinese brands", and promote China's economic development into the era of quality China’s brand development is facing a dilemma: among the industrial products in the real economy, the output of more than 220 kinds of products ranks first in the world, but Huawei is the only one of the top 100 private brands in the world China is a powerful manufacturing country, but the word “big country with few products” is a summary of the image of Chinese brands Chinese enterprises have strong manufacturing capacity, but they have been in OEM mode for a long time, which restricts their innovation consciousness. 1t creates a situation of high creation and low innovation. 1n addition, because many entrepreneurs are opportunists, greedy for immediate interests, do not pay attention to brand building, many promising enterprises are acquired by foreign brands in the process of development with the advent of the mobile 1nternet era, people’s consumption concept has changed a lot. Compared with low price, people pay more attention to quality and brand. 1n the future, labor protection products should be innovated rather than simply imitated and copied. The development of China’s manufacturing industry has a certain foundation, but also based on Seiko, innovation, multi-directional development of strong brand building as a new media platform for the labor insurance industry, we are fortunate to witness the development of the industry and enterprises. As a member of the industry, we deeply feel that the enterprises in the labor insurance industry pay more and more attention to brand building. We hope that over time, the labor insurance workers will forge ahead and persist in innovation, and eventually push “made in China” to a broader stage ( Original statement: This article is an original article by the editor of China labor insurance network. This website enjoys exclusive copyright. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source website and author

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