Protection and application of nano safety shoes for machinery manufacturing industry

Nano safety shoes protection products for the machinery manufacturing industry, is a way to protect the interests of employees and enterprises< Production dust: it mainly exists in foundry industry. 1n the process of molding sand preparation, molding, sand falling and sand cleaning, high concentration dust can be produced. Especially when the sand blasting process is used to repair the casting, the dust concentration is very high, and the quartz used is harmful, which can cause silicosis and foundry pneumoconiosis. 1n the process of machining, metal and mineral dust can be produced in the process of grinding and polishing metal parts, which can cause grinding workers' pneumoconiosis. When welding, the flux, electrode core and the material to be welded will evaporate at high temperature to produce a large amount of welding dust and harmful gas. Long term inhalation of high concentration of welding dust can cause welder pneumoconiosis. Can wear dust masks, anti-corrosion safety shoes and other protective equipment

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