Protection from smog is essential

Smog is a kind of weather that bothers people’s lives and brings disadvantages to people’s travel and health. To deal with haze weather, the editor reminds you to do the following:
1. Choose green travel
Choose the green travel mode of public transportation to reduce the number of vehicles on the road; turn off the vehicle in time when parking to reduce the idle time of the vehicle.

2. Improve health
After going out, clean your face, nose and hands in time; keep warm day and night to prevent colds; pay attention to adequate rest, avoid excessive fatigue, and maintain good physical condition; if the body appears If you feel unwell, seek medical advice promptly.

3. Pay attention to protection
The elderly, children, pregnant women and people with respiratory, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should avoid going out; the general population should try to avoid outdoor activities, and personal protection must be paid when going out. Wear masks and other protective tools correctly.
4. Keep indoors clean.
In haze weather, close doors and windows at home as much as possible; use moist rags and mops to clean indoors to avoid dust; reduce cooking activities such as frying, frying, and frying at high temperatures; when the polluted weather is over Open windows for ventilation afterwards.

5. Choose a light diet
In terms of a light diet, you can eat more foods that clear and moisturize the lungs, such as: fungus, white fungus, lotus seeds, lilies, etc. Choose foods rich in vitamins, drink more water, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

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