Protection measures of typical building fire

1. Petrochemical enterprise fire

petrochemical enterprise fire has the characteristics of suddenness, changeability, rapidity and difficulty in fighting, so corresponding countermeasures should be taken according to different situations

the main task of fighting the fire in petrochemical enterprises is to eliminate the danger of explosion; Saving lives; Prevent poisoning

precautions for fire fighting in petrochemical enterprises: use fire extinguishing agent and neutralizing agent cautiously

the tactical measures to put out the fire in petrochemical enterprises: seize the opportunity to win quickly; Heating with cold to prevent explosion; When putting out the fire, cool down to prevent explosion; First focus, then general; First put out the fire outside, then attack inside; For a large area of fire, we should take the methods of breaking through each, interleaving and dividing, blocking the fire, and timely encircling and annihilating

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