Protection principle of safety shoes in various industries

Safety shoes belong to safety and protective shoes, which are mainly used to protect feet and legs from foreseeable injuries. Due to the high requirements of raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, machinery and equipment in the production process, the technology content is high and the added value is high. Different safety shoes are used in different workplace

in industrial enterprises, the safety shoes for foot protection are called safety shoes. The most important feature is that the toe cap can bear the impact of 20kg hard objects falling vertically from 1m. This kind of safety shoes also developed different types of products in other industries, such as: preventing the sole from being punctured by nails or other sharp objects, designing the sole; There are anti-skid, anti-static, resistance to temperature changes, resistance to specific fuel and chemical substances and so on

chain saws are required for logging or timber making, which may cause skin, ankle, foot and toe injuries, so protective shoes and boots are required. Because different working environment has different risks, we should choose appropriate protective shoes according to different working environment. The same working environment may also have different risks

if there are corrosive chemicals in the chemical laboratory, the laboratory should also wear appropriate protective shoes and store relevant protective shoes. Perforated shoes, slippers and similar footwear shall not be worn in the laboratory. The protective shoes worn in the laboratory must cover the whole foot to protect the whole foot. The sole and vamp materials are selected according to the laboratory environment, material processing and tasks. At the same time, the sole has the properties of skid resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance or heat resistance.

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