Protective clothing for the elderly with airbags to prevent falls

Remote control gas valve switch with mobile phone, make a protective clothing with air bag to prevent the elderly from falling… Yesterday, the final of Hefei annual Youth Science and technology innovation competition was held in Hefei Science and Technology Museum. Small inventors aimed at social hot spots and showed their own ideas

low lying urban roads, especially underpass roads, are prone to ponding during rainstorm, threatening the traffic safety of residents. How to avoid such accidents? Wang Kenan of Hefei No.8 Middle School had an idea, that is, to design an early warning system for the change trend of ponding in low-lying sections of the city. When the ponding occurs, the early warning system starts to work, real-time detection of ponding, warning passing vehicles to avoid in time, to ensure traffic safety. Wang Kenan said that the early warning system is composed of water level sensor, control circuit, LED electronic display and audible and visual alarm, etc. “the floating ball switch is selected to control the power on and power off of the whole system, which can achieve the effect without manual work.”

at present, the home gas leakage detection and alarm device uses a huge beep to arouse people’s alarm. However, if there is no one at home, the purpose of calling the police can not be achieved. 1n order to solve this problem, a contestant designed a mobile phone control gas switch system. When the gas leaks, the system will automatically send a short message to remind the user, and the user can also control the valve through remote control

contestant Wang Yifan’s invention is a protective suit for the elderly with airbag. He said that this kind of clothes has orientation sensor and acceleration sensor, which can automatically sense when the elderly fall, and start the airbag in the clothes. At the same time, the indicator light flashes, dials 120, and can also start GPS to show the location of the elderly

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