protective clothing made of polymer materials, the “umbrella” of workers

There are all kinds of materials around our life, among which organic polymer compounds are indispensable for clothing, food, housing, transportation and industrial and agricultural production. As one of the best organic polymer materials, polyimide has the widest temperature range, up to – 250 ℃ ° C-450 ° C. 1n liquid nitrogen (- 196 ° C) 1t is the most high temperature resistant polymer material that can be used in practice. 1t also has super properties such as solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, flame retardancy, self extinguishing, heat insulation, sound insulation, low noise, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, low density, no dust, no fiber, strong flexibility, good durability and so on. 1t is internationally recognized as a special engineering material. Because of its outstanding characteristics in performance and synthesis, it is called “problem-solving expert”< 1n 1908, polyimide was first prepared in the laboratory. 1n 1955, DuPont company applied for the first patent on the application of polyimide in materials in the world. Polyimide, as a high-performance polymer material, has a history of more than 60 years. Because of its outstanding characteristics in performance and synthesis, polyimide has been fully recognized as both structural and functional materials. 1t is not only widely used in many fields, but also has outstanding performance in every field. 1n addition to playing an important role in aviation, aerospace, microelectronics, nano and other defense and military fields, polyimide is also widely used in civil fields personal protection is also an indispensable labor protection for workers in special fields such as metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, gas, electric power, welding and so on. Compared with the fire protection system, the development of personal protective equipment in other fields of our country is relatively slow. 1n order to save costs, most industrial workers in enterprises still wear flammable ordinary work clothes and work in dangerous environment such as easy, explosive and high temperature for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the safety protection of industrial workers, accelerate the development and promotion of high temperature resistant and flame retardant fiber interposition aramid personal protection products, eliminate unnecessary casualties caused by protection defects, and ensure the life safety of every citizen Wuxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in welding, processing, manufacturing and assembling of small and medium-sized mechanical parts. 1ts main customers are automobile production line tooling manufacturing enterprises and various equipment manufacturing enterprises. 1n welding operation, there are many harmful factors, such as dust, poison, high temperature, arc light, high frequency electromagnetic field and so on. 1n such a bad working environment, if the lack of safety protection measures, long-term welding operators are easy to suffer from all kinds of occupational diseases, or be scalded, burned, and high-intensity electromagnetic radiation injury. Therefore, the company seeks protective clothing made of high-performance materials to protect the safety and efficiency of employees and the company’s production the company has become an expert supplier of Feitian Zhongzhi China manufacturing platform (hereinafter referred to as “Feitian Zhongzhi”) through a technology demand docking case. This time, the company changed its role and became the demander of “seeking high-performance protective clothing”. On the basis of docking cases, Feitian Zhongzhi, after understanding the needs of the company, quickly matched it with a professional supplier company. 1t is understood that a special professional clothing company in Shanghai is an enterprise specializing in the production and operation of special work clothes, and has become a leading provider of personal safety protection solutions then, with the help of Feitian Zhongzhi, the supplier and the demander had an exchange and docking, and immediately discussed the specific materials and specifications of protective clothing. The supplier said that the protective clothing made of polyimide as the main material has strong performance, which can prevent static electricity, acid, oil and water. At the same time, the fabric will not burn in case of fire, and will extinguish within 2 seconds from the fire source, without smoldering, shrinkage and shedding. After washing for many times, the flame retardant property remains unchanged, and can withstand the damage of a certain weight of welding slag spatter. Then the supplier and the demander signed the customized contract of protective clothing and established the customized scheme with the establishment of China as a world manufacturing power and the strengthening of continuous operation, personal protection in manufacturing industry can not be ignored. The supplier company can customize the most advantageous personal protection scheme for customers to protect the employees from occupational injury and ensure the safety of production

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