Protective effect of safety helmet

1n the production of labor, accidents of falling objects injuring human body occur from time to time. The injury of falling objects to human body is mainly caused by acceleration impact force. This kind of accident is characterized by strong suddenness, not easy to dodge, short action time and strong impact, especially for falling objects from top to bottom. The impact process only takes place in a moment. This kind of accident often occurs in construction, mining, metallurgy, mining, oil exploration, tunnels and other industries. Once the impact accident occurs, the head is the most likely injured part. The head is the nerve center of the human body, and the thinnest part of the skull is only about 2 mm. Once the head is impacted by external force, it may cause brain concussion, intracranial hemorrhage, meningeal contusion, skull injury and other serious injuries, resulting in dysfunction of the human body, ranging from disability to life-threatening. Therefore, the head of the workers in the workplace must be protected, and the important thing for head protection is safety helmet

how much endurance does the human body have for the instant impact force? According to foreign research data, human cervical vertebrae will be broken when it is exposed to 4900n, and brain marrow will flow out, which is life-threatening. The shorter the action time is, the longer the impact distance is and the heavier the impact is, the greater the impact force is. When the impact injury accident occurs, the impact force is generally much greater than 4900n, which requires the operators to wear safety helmets to prevent the possible injury to human body caused by falling objects

the protective effect of safety helmet is to reduce the impact force and eliminate or reduce the injury to human head when operators are impacted or squeezed by falling objects or hard objects. Theoretically speaking, in the process of impact, that is, from the moment when the falling object contacts the head to the moment when the falling object detaches from the cap shell, all parts of the safety helmet (cap shell, cap liner, socket, tether, cushion, etc.) first decompose the impact force, and then absorb most of the impact force through the elastic deformation, plastic deformation and reasonable damage of each part, The final impact force on the human head is less than 4900n, so as to play a protective role. This performance of safety helmet is called impact absorption performance, which is one of the important indexes to determine whether the safety helmet is qualified or not

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