Protective glasses on operating table

1 don’t know if fans of Korean dramas have continued to pay attention to Korean dramas after the “Star” sweeping. Recently, Xiaobian is chasing a “emergency men and women”, which is a TV play about the hospital emergency room. 1n Episode 13, when the hero and heroine are rescuing a patient with an infectious disease, the patient’s blood splashes on the female doctor’s face. The male doctor hurriedly picks up the glasses on the nearby doctor’s desk and asks her to take them, and then quickly cleans the blood stains on her face and body with the nearby alcohol. 1t was these glasses that aroused my curiosity. 1t turned out that the doctor could still get glasses on the operating table. Suddenly, the situation of the operating table in the past TV dramas constantly appeared in my mind. 1t turned out that many doctors on the operating table were wearing these glasses

this kind of glasses is one of the labor protection glasses – surgical glasses, also known as eye masks. The protective glasses can prevent blood, liquid medicine and other harmful liquid from splashing on the eyes during operation; The inner space of protective glasses is large enough, and it is suitable for doctors who wear myopia glasses

fortunately, after blood tests, the patients treated by the two masters were negative and not infectious, which also made the doctors in the emergency room feel relieved

labor protection products exist in every corner of our lives

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