Protective gloves should be worn by the cashier

We are no stranger to bank slip, but a recent study found that bank slip contains toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA). People who need long-term contact should wear gloves to prevent physical injury caused by long-term contact

according to the reporter of China labor insurance network, it is found that bisphenol A is a substance harmful to human health. Many daily necessities contain this substance, such as coupons made of various kinds of heat sensitive paper, hard transparent plastic bottles, baby bottles and canned food. 1t can affect human health through skin contact and damage the reproductive function of adults, 1t affects the development of children’s brain

in response to this statement, scientists have done research, and 24 volunteers were recruited for this experiment. The scientists first measured the concentration of bisphenol A carried by the volunteers themselves. Then the volunteers needed to hold the thermal paper for two hours, first without gloves, and second with gloves. The final test results showed that when the volunteers did not wear gloves, the concentration of BPA increased rapidly, from 83% to 100%. However, after wearing gloves, the situation changed greatly, and no change was found

scientists said that a lot of research work still needs to be done to confirm this finding, and its clinical significance needs to be further evaluated. But for people who have been exposed to thermal paper for a long time, such as collectors, the importance of this discovery is self-evident

protective gloves are used to protect the hands of workers from physical, chemical, biological and other external factors. Some employees of specific occupations will be infringed by various known or unknown factors in their work. The use of protective gloves can effectively improve this phenomenon and protect our work safety

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