Protective system for sanitation workers

1n order to better protect the production safety of sanitation workers, Beijing Fengtai carried out a comprehensive investigation on the rights and interests of sanitation, greening and road maintenance. 1n the process, a series of analysis and correction were carried out for the operators who did not dress according to the regulations, did not wear protective clothing, and were negligent at work

first, the implementation of rules and regulations is poor. China’s “highway maintenance safety operation regulations” clearly stipulates that the road operation must be divided into warning area and working area, set up temporary safety belt, and the operators should wear safety protective clothing. 1n handling the case, the prosecutor found that some units failed to implement the responsibility for work safety, neglected supervision, and even seriously violated the regulations. For example, in the early morning of May 7 last year, Geng, a greening worker, was knocked down by a speeding minivan while watering the green belt at the edge of the road, and died after rescue. 1t was found that Geng did not wear special work clothes with traffic reflective signs during operation, and lighting facilities and warning signs for night operation were not set in the operation area

in addition to stipulating that operators must wear chemical protective clothing, a series of problems in other aspects are also analyzed. 1t also includes the industry management is not standardized, serious traffic violations need to be strictly rectified

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